Deep skin hydration for when 8 glasses of water are just not enough

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The change of seasons that brings hotter weather makes it difficult to stay hydrated as it is, let alone during Ramadan when you will not be drinking during the day. Keeping hydrated is vitally important to your health, while this applies to your whole body, you may notice signs of dehydration on your skin. Your […]

AED 300 vs AED 600 HydraFacial – The Difference Explained

The HydraFacial has become one of the most popular and trending facials in Dubai, and with good reason! It’s a multi award winning treatment that uses hydra-dermabrasion to cleanse, exfoliate, extract, hydrate and provide antioxidant protection. A lot of aesthetic spas and facial centers in Dubai are now offering the HydraFacial, but a common question […]