Lips Enhancement

As we age, lips begin to thin out and lose their fullness. We start to develop fine lines around the lips and lose that charming cupid’s bow.

These issues become more noticeable as we enter our late 20s or early 30s. However, the exact age at which they become more prominent can vary from person to person depending on their genetic factors, lifestyle, and exposure to the sun.

If you have naturally thinner lips and wish to enhance your look by creating a more defined cupid’s bow and balanced facial features, Lip Fillers are the perfect solution.

Lip enhancement is not just about achieving fuller lips; it’s also about restoring the confidence and natural beauty of your smile.

Celebrities have relied on injectable fillers to combat the effects of gravity and reduce signs of aging for years, all while maintaining a discreet, youthful appearance that keeps you guessing.


Meet the Maestro of Lip Enhancement

At Ivory Aesthetics, all injectables are performed by Doctors who are experts in the field of Medicine and Aesthetics.

Dr. Oro has 20+ years of experience in the field of cosmetics and aesthetic medicine. He is a true maestro in the world of injectables with a passion for enhancing your natural looks. He ensures each patient receives a tailored approach to achieve their desired results.

He offers a spectrum of lip filler options to suit your face, including the popular Russian lip filler technique. Whether you want a bold or naturally soft look, he’s your expert in lip enhancement. His speciality is rejuvenating your lips and making them look attractive for upto 1 year.

Say goodbye to thin lips and hello to the perfect pout in just one session with no downtime!

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Duration of Treatment: 30 minutes
Price ( excluding VAT ): 799
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