Lift and tighten the skin with Ultherapy- The non-invasive alternative for those seeking brow, chin, or neck lift without having to opt for surgery. Ultherapy boosts collagen production for up to a year following treatment.

Ultherapy uses a hand-held device to deliver Microfocused Ultrasound energy into the skin. This concentration energy creates a thermal effect in the layers of skin and boosts the production of Collagen and Elastin.

The result is naturally plump and tight skin and a reduction in the appearance of fine-lines, wrinkles, and loose skin on the face, neck, and upper chest areas of the body.

The Microfocused Ultrasound technology penetrates the skin deeply, and gently heats the underlying support tissues. This procedure kickstarts the production of collagen in the body and continues to improve the skin up to a year after treatment. Ultherapy uses imaging technology which enables the technician to see the layers of skin they are treating so they can target the problem areas with more efficiency. This is why Ultherapy is a more preferred treatment than HIFU.

What is Ultherapy ideal for:

  • Reduction of fine lines.
  • Tightening of drooping, loose skin.
  • Reducing the appearance of Acne scars.

You will notice an improvement in the skin 1-3 months after one session and will continue to see results for several months following the treatment.

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Duration of Treatment: 90 Mins
Price ( including VAT ): From AED 5,500
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