What is EMSculpt NEO?

EMSculpt NEO is the only treatment that helps with fat reduction, body contouring, and improving muscle tone simultaneously, using the perfect combination of two energies, radio frequency and high intensity focused electromagnetic energy in 30 min session.

This non-surgical and non-invasive procedure gives visible results on the targeted area within 4 to 6 sessions.

EMSculpt NEO is FDA approved which makes it a safe device to target stubborn fat and muscles at the same time.

How does EMSculpt NEO work?

Combining two different technologies, Radio Frequency and HIFEM ( High intensity focused electromagnetic energy ), this non-surgical, body contouring treatment is the perfect solution for reducing 30% stubborn fat and increasing 25% muscle volume.

EMSculpt NEO Muscle volume

HIFEM+ is focused on the contraction of muscle fibers and targeting muscles groups in the area which are not achievable with regular exercise. Due to the high intensity, the number of contractions is increased which forces the muscles to adapt to these extreme conditions and increase the number and growth of the muscle’s fibers and cells.

This is how EMSculpt works on strengthening, toning and defining the muscles in the targeted area.

Clinical studies showed on average a 25% muscle volume increase.

EMSculpt NEO Fat reduction

Radio frequency is used in this treatment as a pre-workout activity to prepare the muscles for high-intensity training, which is in this case HIFEM+ energy. However, after a few minutes, the temperature in subcutaneous fat reaches a level that permanently damages fat cells, which are eventually eliminated from the body through the natural metabolic processes.

Clinical studies showed on average a 30% reduction in subcutaneous fat.

The Benefits of the Muscle Heating

✔️ Enhanced Blood Supply: Better delivery of oxygen and nutrients, faster regeneration and growth of muscles.

✔️ Heat Shock Proteins: A significantly higher expression of heat shock proteins, which play a crucial role in muscle hypertrophy.

✔️ Increased Comfort: With pre-heated muscles, patients are able to reach higher muscle contraction intensities in a shorter time. This further improves the treatment outcomes

Effects on the Muscle Tissue:

Faster results than exercise
Studies showed that Emsculpt NEO treatments activate muscle growth supporting cells to a similar level which is roughly equivalent to 12 to 16 week of resistance training program*.

Sculpting of heated muscles
Due to the combination with RF, EMSCULPT NEO is the only muscle device in the world that is sculpting heated muscles for optimal results.

Muscle increase
This leads to volumetric growth (hypertrophy) and increase of muscle fibres (hyperplasia).
On average muscles grow by 25%*

Am I the candidate for EMSculpt NEO is the frequently asked question?

This amazing treatment is created for men and women, who are having a healthy lifestyle, balanced diet, and regular exercise, but still struggling with the persistent fat in part of the body and building muscles.

It is designed to reshape the body and not as a weight loss program, so the ideal candidate is in a good shape and have a BMI (Body Mass Index) up to 30.

EMSculpt NEO is a faster, effective and painless way of reducing fat and building muscle at the same time.

Recommended number of sessions: 4 to 6 sessions every 7-10 days on a targeted area.

Maintenance after 3 months

Duration: 30 min per targeted area

Targeted areas:

  • Biceps
  • Triceps
  • Abdomen
  • Back, front, inner and outer thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Calves

Here are some successful before-after results of clients who have tried this treatment:

Video Testimonials

Before After

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Duration of Treatment: 30 minutes
Price ( including VAT ): AED 2,625 per area
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