Permanent Makeup for Lips

Have you ever battled with lipstick that bleeds and fades during the day? Is your lipstick causing dry or cracked lips? Or you just want to add colour to your dull appearance? Permanent Makeup will help build consistent color and will define your shape for fuller lips and a more polished pout.

We can help you transform a thin lipline, add a soft lip blush or a full energetic colour, the choice is yours. If you’re looking for a blurred-lip look with a slight boost in color every day, lip blushing could be a great option for you. There are a few things that change as we age, we loose the definite contour of our lips, as well as colour and volume. With the techniques used during this procedure, we are able to restore definition and create volume, and add colour to the lips.

Some people have issues like lip discolouration or mixed colours. These can be neutralized by cleverly working with the colour wheel to balance the tones with blending and shading techniques. Before the treatment you can choose how you want the appearance of color to be – like an everyday makeup appearance or a soft natural appearance depending on your preference.

Benefits of Permanent Makeup for Lips:

  • Re-establish definition and shape
  • Rectification of unequal lip contours
  • Increase volume and plumpness
  • Restore the contour and natural blush colour
  • Recreate a lipcolour that you prefer
  • Correcting cosmetic appearances such as cleft lip or lip scars. This can be caused by cold sores, post traumatic scars, etc.


How will a Lip contour help?

Lip contour treatment will give you a soft, defined lip contour that looks natural and seamless, providing subtle colour and volume. Thin lips can thus look bigger and full lips can be made smaller.

Advantages of a natural full lip blush

This procedure enhances the colour and fullness of the lips but will still have a natural appearance. The lipline will be subtle and will blend into the lip colour. There will be a delicate addition of blushing colour to the fleshy body of the lips. These colours can be chosen according to your natural colour or some soft shades can be added as you may prefer. This procedure is recommended for all ages, male or female, and can be identified as wearing a soft gloss or lip shade.

Advantages of a full lip colour?

Do you love wearing lipstick every day? Then this procedure is for you. We use a specific technique called ombré, to create a stronger colour, fuller lip and more youthfull appearance for an elegant, long lasting lip colour.

Let us make your lips look fresh all day long!

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