DMK’s Pro Alpha Six Layer Peel Skin Treatment is a highly effective resurfacing procedure for dramatic anti-aging & scarring reduction.

Designed to revise your skin back to a youthful healthy state with a non-invasive approach unlike laser and surgery.

Perfect for:

✓Sun damaged and aged skin

✓Fine lines & wrinkles


✓Open pores

✓Thickened, coarse skin

✓Acne scarring

✓Uneven skin conditions

✓Deeply congested skin

✓Pigmented skin

How it works:

The Pro Alpha Six Layer Peel Skin Treatment includes 1 peeling session and 1 DMK Enzyme Builder Mask that removes build-up of old skin cells and layers of damaged skin that actually enhances the skin’s own ability to remove excess keratin plugs within the ducts.

It also re-establishes a healthier environment for normal cell proliferation by desquamation and elimination of waste material.

It is unique in the fact that it removes and rebuilds at the same time. By applying the full DMK concept, the skin naturally responds to what it recognizes and its natural functioning is quickly restored to leave you with healthy, glowing skin with no unsightly side effects.

Made from natural fruit sugar acids combined with Vitamin A derivatives, it does not cause a controlled burn to the skin as in the case of medical peels.

Depending on your skin type, we have 2 different peels – with vitamin A you will be peeling quicker, and without vitamin A – peeling takes longer process.

Treatment starts with applying the home-care DMK and retinol to prepare the skin for 1 week before the treatment, along with a DMK Enzyme, and the peel after 1 week.

AED 6,300 for 1 peeling session + DMK Enzyme Builder Mask + 3 months full size products.

Schedule an appointment for DMK PRO 6-LAYER PEEL TREATMENT  at Ivory Aesthetics Clinic, located in Al Wasl Road, Dubai

Duration of Treatment:  30 minutes
Price ( including VAT ): AED 6,300.00
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