Facial Treatments for problematic skin

RF Microneedling Fractional by Exion

Duration of Treatment: 90 mins
Price ( including VAT ): From AED 2,625


Microdermabrasion is a light, superficial peel that exfoliates your surface skin layer repairing acne scarring, dull skin, spots and pigmentation. Microdermabrasion is minimally abrasive and requires no downtime, leaving your skin with a velvety smooth finish and is a great alternative for more advanced facial lifting treatments such as fillers, injectables and chemical peels.

Duration of Treatment:  1 hour
Price ( including VAT ): AED 580

Nimune Active Glow 

The Nimue Active Glow treatment rejuvenates the skin from within by working on the deepest layer of your skin. The treatment also includes a custom facial mask based on your skin type which will restore your skin's natural youth and give it a long-lasting radiance effect.

Duration of Treatment: 60 minutes
Price ( including VAT ): AED 750.00

BB Glow 

BB Glow is a semi-permanent treatment , as alternative to daily foundation and it is ideal for uneven skin tone, but not  for deep pigmentation. Thanks to the nano microneedling technique, which stimulates the  nаturаl соllаgеn production and skin rejuvenation, the BB Glow serum adds incredible nutrients and most importantly the skin shade you desire.  

Duration of Treatment: 90 minutes
Price ( including VAT ): AED 950.00

Dermalux LED Therapy 

The Dermalux LED is a non-invasive treatment that applies beneficial wavelengths into the skins deepest layers. This energizes the cells for radiant, rejuvenated and refined skin. The 30 minutes treatment is highly recommended for acne prone skin, pigmentation, rosacea, fine lines and wrinkles.

Duration of Treatment:  30 minutes
Price ( including VAT ): AED 550.00

Nimune Deep Cleansing 

The Nimue Deep Cleanse combines the aspects of the Nimue Therapeutic Facial and includes a deep cleansing routine followed by an extraction process. This facial will exfoliate and remove the superficial layer of dry, dead skin cells and increase rejuvenation of the cells. Designed to tackle clogged open pores and congested skin, gives an immediate glow of the face.

Duration of Treatment: 60 minutes
Price ( including VAT ): AED 580

Progressive Anti-aging Collagen Treatment 

Once you’ve hit the age of 25, collagen production in your skin drops significantly every year. Collagen masks are a reliable solution that boosts collagen supply in your skin maintaining its youthful vigor. With its intense hydrating properties, collagen masks reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, thereby preventing premature aging.

Duration of Treatment: 60 minutes
Price ( including VAT ): AED 950.00

Gua Sha Facial 

Facial Gua Sha is traditional Chinese facial technique that relieves tension, boosts blood circulation and encourages lymphatic drainage. It can even help to make your face look slimmer & devotees swear by its ability to ward off headaches and brighten skin dramatically. Gua Sha is even considered a injectables alternative for its ability to unkink settled-in muscle folds.

Duration of Treatment: 60 minutes
Price ( including VAT ): AED 950

Dermal Builder Enzyme Therapy 

Dermal Builder Enzyme Therapy utilizes enzymes that aim to strengthen the structural integrity of the skin. The treatment works on skin conditions including acne, pigmentation, rosacea and aging skin. During the treatment you can visibly see the unique “plasmatic effect” – capillaries opening up, pumping of more blood, oxygen and nutrients delivered into the skin & carrying away impurities.

Duration of Treatment: 90 minutes
Price ( including VAT ): AED 1,265

Dermaplaning with Chemical Peel 

This advanced exfoliating treatment uses a sterilised surgical blade to gently scrape off any dead skin cells and peach fuzz on the face. It provides an immediate even, healthy glow, helps with deeper product penetration and promotes smoother skin and improved skin texture.

Duration of Treatment: 60 minutes
Price ( including VAT ): AED 945.00 

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