Clearlift Laser Hair Bleaching

Clearlift Laser Hair Bleaching

Remove fine baby hairs with our latest technology of Clearlift Laser Hair Bleaching

This laser treatment is perfect for those who want to remove the fine hairs, known as the baby hairs, which cannot be permanently removed by laser hair removal. The technology behind Clearlift Laser Hair Bleaching offer a non-permanent laser hair removal by targeting the melanin of the fine hairs and bleaching it, thus making it invisible.

What are the benefits of laser hair bleaching?
  • Can be used on more sensitive parts of the body, except the eyes area
  • It targets the baby fine hair that cannot be treated by other laser removal treatments
  • It is a superficial treatment with no pain
  • There are no side-effects
  • It is a safe treatment with no downtime
  • You can use it for almost all types of skin
How does it work:

The Harmony XL Pro hair bleaching laser targets the melanin in fine hair and makes them invisible which is also called hair bleaching process. The bleached hair remains invisible for about 10-15 days and after that, they fall off. You can undergo laser hair bleaching again if these fine hair regrow.

What does the procedure feel like?

The treatment is non-invasive, superficial and not painful. Patients might report a slight tingling sensation, however a topical anesthetic cream can be applied if requested.

How many sessions will I need?

Laser bleaching is a temporary solution and needs to be done almost every 4 – 6 weeks. Some patients claimed that their hair that has been repeatedly bleached grows thinner and falls out, but this depends from patient to patient.

Duration of Treatment:

30 minutes

Price ( including VAT ):

AED 525


This advanced exfoliating treatment uses a sterilised surgical blade to gently scrape off any dead skin cells and peach fuzz on the face. It provides an immediate even, healthy glow, helps with deeper product penetration and promotes smoother skin and improved skin texture.

Duration of Treatment:

60 minutes

Price ( including VAT ):

AED 945.00 

Duration of Treatment:

Price ( including VAT ):


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