Deep skin hydration for when 8 glasses of water are just not enough

Deep skin hydration for when 8 glasses of water are just not enough

The change of seasons that brings hotter weather makes it difficult to stay hydrated as it is, let alone during Ramadan when you will not be drinking during the day. Keeping hydrated is vitally important to your health, while this applies to your whole body, you may notice signs of dehydration on your skin. Your skin may feel dry and tight due to dehydration, which can be uncomfortable. So, how do you tackle skin dehydration, other than drinking water between sunset and sunrise? Here are our top tips for deep skin hydration for when 8 glasses of water are just not enough.

1. Use sunscreen

We all know the importance of sunscreen to protect from burns, but it is vital to apply even when you won’t be spending too much time in the hot sun, especially when not consuming enough water during Ramadan. You should use SPF 30 or above and reapply regularly throughout the day.

2. Use rich moisturizers

Thicker, richer formulas benefit your skin the most as they are usually packed with more hydrating ingredients than you will find in light moisturizers. This will keep your skin moist for longer, preventing and eliminating dryness, perfect for long days without water during Ramadan.

3. Eat a balanced diet

Fried foods and sugar are known to contribute to dehydration due to their high-fat content. This is just as bad for your skin as your health. If you are fasting during Ramadan, you may miss out on vital food groups due to limited time spent eating, so try to fit in as many vitamins as you can. Instead, choose foods high in water content like fruit and salad.

4. Avoid heavy makeup

Applying lots of makeup can block your pores, and if you are not consuming enough water, your skin’s natural balance will be thrown off and it won’t be able to fight back against this. Give your skin a helping hand by not applying as much makeup or even better, skip out on your makeup routine altogether.

5. Try hydrating treatments

Ivory Aesthetics Clinic has a variety of hydrating treatments that are ideal for keeping your skin happy during the month of Ramadan. Just some examples are a Hydrafacial, Hyaluronic Skin Booster, and Marine Algae Treatment, which are all scientifically designed to reinvigorate dry and dull skin.

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