The quickest way to fade pigmentation. Permanently!

It’s a completely natural process for your skin to develop uneven pigmentation at some point during your life. This includes dark patches, age spots, and sun-damaged skin.

The skin itself is not one single colour and is constantly influenced by blood flow, melanin deposits, the sun, and other external factors. It can also change depending on mood, stress, health, and diet.

Why do we get pigmentation?

It’s not necessarily a sign of an underlying health issue if you have skin pigmentation variations. Sometimes, it is just the way that the skin grows, develops, and heals itself.

These pigmentations do not cause harm or discomfort and are merely a cosmetic feature that makes us unique and beautiful human beings.

There is no need to alter your skin’s natural pigmentation, including age spots and dark patches. However, if you’re feeling intense emotional discomfort about these, you could consider pigmentation facial treatments.

AFT Laser Pigmentation Facials – what are they?

These treatments involve using laser light energy to target melanin in the skin. This is an amino acid responsible for your skin’s natural pigmentation and shade. AFT laser treatment for pigmentation uses energy to heat concentrated areas of pigment, fragmenting the melanin here and breaking it up.

AFT stands for Advanced Fluorescence Technology and uses pulses of light to stimulate collagen production and pigmentation absorption.

What does this laser treatment for pigmentation include?

When you get an AFT laser pigmentation treatment from Ivory Aesthetics Clinic, you will undergo papaya and pineapple-infused exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and promote blood flow. You will also receive manual light extractions designed to target blackheads and whiteheads. After the laser treatment, we apply a tailored advanced peel depending on the skin type, further exfoliating and clearing the upper layer of the skin for glowing, fresh results.

This is the quickest way to fade pigmentation should you decide that, even after working on accepting your skin’s natural, authentic pigmentation, you would like to undergo this treatment. For more information, get in touch with Ivory Aesthetics Clinic.

All you need to know about BB Glow in Dubai

Skin concerns such as uneven tones, enlarged pours, under-eye bags, dryness, or wrinkles, are quite a common issue and they concern women and men. Now imagine of getting up every day without having any of these issues. BB Glow treatment has been developed just for these type of skin concerns.

BB Glow is a semi-permanent treatment, as alternative to daily foundation with 6 months effect!

It is ideal for uneven skin tone, but not for deep pigmentation.

At Ivory Aesthetics clinic we tailor each treatment as per skin concern. We start this 60 minutes treatment with a deep cleansing, then a light peel and we use hyaluronic acid product to hydrate and prepare the skin.

We use stamp Nano-needling technology, which stimulates the natural соllаgеn production and skin rejuvenation, and the BB Glow serum adds incredible nutrients and most importantly the skin shade you desire.

We finish the treatment using the right shade of BB Glow, so we can create a slight contour.

The skin looks naturally better and immediately since after the first treatment and it lasts up to 6 months.

Before & After BB Glow – Ivory Aesthetics Clinic

What are the Benefits of BB GLOW?

BB Glow is so popular and attractive mainly for two reasons. First of all, after this treatment your skin will appear as if you are wearing foundation without having any. For all those struggling with acne scars or pigmentation issues, this treatment is able to cover them up semi-permanently.

Secondly thanks to the nano-needling technology performed in this treatment, BB Glow is a powerful anti-aging procedure, boosting collagen production.

  • No seasonal restriction
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • IT doesn’t clog the pores

How long does BB Glow last?

Like any cosmetic treatment , the effects of BB Glow are individual and may vary from person to person, depending on the skin condition and a post treatment after care. Yet you can see Immediate results straight away after the first treatment.

It is important to know that the BB serum has a cumulative effect: indeed the BB Glow serum builds up under the skin with every single treatment.

That is the reason why we advise a number of 2 to 5 treatments at 10 to 14 days intervals achieve the best long-lasting results possible. 

Are you wondering if BB Glow is safe and if any contraindications?

At Ivory Aesthetics Clinic in Dubai, before introducing any new cosmetic procedure, we look deeply into every and each aspect, especially when it comes to safety or side effects, as patients wellbeing is our priority. That is also why we work only with high quality products.

Ivory Aesthetics Clinic, uses Stayve brand for BB Glow

BB Glow treatment is 100% safe even in a long-term applications if high-quality materials. We always use sterile tools and the treatment is delivered by our professional Therapist. The micro needling technology prevents needles to go deep into the skin, therefore, no damage to the skin can be made. In general, the procedure is comfortable, however, some tingling and tightness in the skin can be felt. Furthermore, the BB serums are free of alcohol, benzophenone, parabens, fragrances, formaldehyde, mineral oils, allergens or synthetic colouring. 

Possible side effects are very rare and minor with BB Glow, however, these may include a very slight pain or redness.

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