Which Chemical Peel Treatment Should You Choose? Our SkinCare Expert Weighs In

Which Chemical Peel Treatment Should You Choose? Our SkinCare Expert Weighs In

Facial peel treatments exfoliate deeper than face scrubs while lifting away the core of your skincare concerns. They are usually gentler than abrasive scrubs, and new formulations are continuously enhancing their effectiveness.

At Ivory Aesthetics we offer a variety of advanced face peel options, and have asked our top skincare expert to explain who will benefit most from the different treatments we offer.

People with acne prone or oily skin issues

If you suffer from problems with greasy skin and pimples caused by acne, you need a peel that uses fairly light ingredients and requires minimal downtime. These types of peel break down the bonds that hold your dead skin cells together, making exfoliation easier. Active ingredients that deliver antioxidants and vitamins penetrate deep into the skin and promote strength and good health in new cells that grow.

Top 3 peels for you:

  1. Nimue corrective treatment
  2. Oxygenating thermal detox
  3. Nimue TCA treatment

Minor issues with pigmentation, sun damage and fine lines

These issues require more medium depth peels. They are a little more uncomfortable compared to lighter peels and may cause minor side effects like redness and swelling. You will require some downtime with these, but the extra layers you shed will ensure that the brand new skin emerges from underneath, with a smooth texture and an even tone.

Top 3 peels for you:

  1. Nimue TCA treatment
  2. Nimue glycolic acid peel
  3. Nimue fading treatment

People with scarring, severe sun damage and/or deep wrinkles

These issues require the strongest type of facial peel. You will need to be sedated for the procedure and can expect to have very red, possible scabby skin that will necessitate around a week of downtime to recover, plus 2 months of healing time. You will require a full-face procedure, because hyper-pigmentation cannot be treated in small areas, but you will get dramatic results.

  1. Nimue fading treatment
  2. Nimue glycolic acid peel
  3. Nimue corrective treatment

If you’re experiencing any of the problems described above, and would like to try one of our superb chemical peel treatments, call us on 04 451 5554 to book a free consultation with our skincare specialist.

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