The Ultimate Guide To Making Your acne Disappear

The Ultimate Guide To Making Your acne Disappear

Back Acne, also known as Bacne, has various causes. From the products you use, to personal hygiene, there are many factors that can contribute to those tiny breakouts on your back.

And we all know how difficult it gets to confidently bare your skin when you’re suffering from such breakouts.

Which is why we decided to come up with a list of 4 dermatologist-recommended tips that can help keep bacne at bay.

Wash your back

Shower as soon as you get home to rinse off all the sweat, oil, and sunscreen that can build up around your hair follicles.

When washing your back, use a gentle body wash that contains salicylic acid and use it consistently to reduce inflammation and unclog the pores.

Exfoliators and loofahs also stimulate the oil glands, causing more congestion on the skin and resulting to blemishes. Avoid using these, and body scrubs, as much as you can.


Body cream is needed to balance your skin, after using a deep-cleansing wash.

Use oil-free lotions that contain mild hydroxy-acid, as it helps prevent the buildup of pore-clogging cells.

Bathe in salt water

Soothe inflamed skin and dry out oily patches with epsom salts.

An oatmeal bath can also help reduce the oil on your skin.

Try this: Add a cup of epsom salts or a half-cup of plain, unflavored oats to your bathwater and soak for 20-30 minutes.

Make apple cider vinegar your best friend

It’s been proven and tested that apple cider vinegar helps regulate your skin’s pH, leading to clearer skin and drying out oily spots and blemishes.

To treat bacne, try this: spray apple cider vinegar on breakouts, or dab a cotton ball on it every night before bed.

Adding apple cider vinegar to your diet can also help clear your skin. Just make sure to drink diluted ACV in a glass of water daily.

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