Topics To Discuss With Your Aesthetician

Topics To Discuss With Your Aesthetician

Going to an aesthetician, especially one who you may not know and trust completely, can be a daunting process. Considering that your aesthetician has the power to make or break your skin, it is vital that you build a relationship with them before starting your skin repair journey.

Discussing these essential topics will ensure that your aesthetician is fully informed to take up and customize treatments to take care of all your skin concerns.

1. Your skin type, skin concerns, sun exposure & medication

It’s absolutely essential to give your aesthetician every single detail you can about your skin. And not just the basics like your skin type being normal/ oily and your concerns about fine lines, dull skin etc.

Get into the real details, are you prone to breakouts, redness, allergies? Does your skin shine in summer and dry up in winters? How often do you get exposed to sunlight and if you use sunscreen. Does hormonal imbalance play a role in your skin condition?

These are the kind of details that will help your aesthetician determine the most suitable treatments and customizations for your skin.

Don’t forget to mention finer details such as any medication that you may taking, and ailments and pregnancies. It is vital for your aesthetician to know these details before administering any laser treatments or chemical peels.

2. Products that haven’t worked for you

Never forget to mention any skin care products that haven’t worked for you in the past. If you’ve had topical creams, toners or peels that have caused any irritation, flare-ups or allergies in the past, you have to mention it to your aesthetician as they’ll then tailor your treatment to exclude any ingredients that may aggravate your skin.

3. When something doesn’t feel right

Now you may give your aesthetician all the necessary information and get your facial treatment tailored to perfection, but rarely things still go wrong with treatments. Never be hesitant to speak up, when parts of the treatment may not feel right on your skin. Whether it’s pain during a needling treatment or irritation during a peel or a mask, it is absolutely necessary for your aesthetician to know exactly how your skin feels during the process.

While it’s most common for these effects to be be completely normal, it is still highly advisable to let your aesthetician know when something feels out of the ordinary.

4. Getting on a skincare regime.

If you do end up meeting an aesthetician who understands your skin and one that you completely trust, then getting into a skin care program is absolutely essential. Regular facials are the best way for you completely take care of all your skincare concerns and get your skin feeling healthy and fresh, all the time. If you go for a facial every 3-4 months, your aesthetician will be limited to fixing damage and restoring balance to your skin. On the other hand, regular facials gives your aesthetician the power to work and improve upon all your skin concerns.

Got any other topics you think should be discussed with your aesthetician? Let us know in the comments below!

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