Top 5 Anti-Ageing Facial Exercises

Top 5 Anti-Ageing Facial Exercises

We can’t stop ageing… But that doesn’t mean we can’t beat it!

Facial exercises work the hypodermis (upper layer of the skin), dermis (middle layer), and epidermis (lower layer), through controlled and precise movements. When done correctly, this helps increase blood circulation, allowing more nourishment and oxygen to reach the cells of the skin.

The result?

By stimulating collagen and elastin production, our skin becomes smoother, more-supple, and tighter-looking.

Here are 5 facial exercises that will bring back your youthful glow and beat ageing:

1. The Forehead Smoother

Focus point: Forehead

Best for: Preventing wrinkles and using acupressure to remove tension.

Step 1: Make a fist with both hands. Apply firm pressure on the center of your forehead with the middle and index finger knuckles.

Step 2: Slide down each fist to the sides, while maintaining the pressure.

Step 3: End by gently pressing your knuckles into your temples.

Repeat 5 times.

2. The V

Focus point: Surrounding eye area

Best for: Lifting drooping eyelids, smoothing out crow’s feet, and easing eye bags.

Step 1: Form a V shape with both hands, placing the middle fingers at the inner corner of your eyebrows and the index fingers on the outer corner.

Step 2: Apply pressure on your index fingers and tilt your head to the ceiling.

Step 3: Raise your lower eyelids upwards and relax

Repeat this exercise for more than 6 times and finish off by resting your eyes for at least 10 seconds.

3. The Face Lift

Focus point: Eyes and cheeks

Best for: Smoothing smile lines (or the nasolabial fold lines), and lifting the eyes and cheeks.

Step 1: Place both palms on your temples

Step 2: Push your hands up and back, lifting the sides of your face

Step 3: Form an O with your mouth and drop your jaw, making your face look as long as possible

Step 4: Hold this pose for at least 5 seconds

Repeat twice.

4. The Neck Lift

Focus point: Neck

Best for: Firming sagging and loose skin around the neck area, tightening the neck and jawline, and easing neck lines.

Step 1: Twist your lips and neck to the lift, keeping your head tilted to a 45 degree angle.

Step 2: Hold for 3-5 seconds and repeat the same step to the right.

With each step, you should feel the stretch on your neck and cheek. Repeat 5 times, for each side.

5. Acupressure Points

Focus point: Center forehead, jaw line, and earlobes

Best for: Increasing blood circulation in the face, fights insomnia, and eases tension around the jaw area.

Step 1: Apply deep pressure while pressing the index finger in between the eyebrows

Step 2: Make circling movements to left and then to the right

This exercise is perfect to help you sleep better and fight stress.

Step 3: Place 2 fingers and your thumb on the center jawline, and start pinching from both sides to the top

This helps ease tension, lift, and tone your jaw area.

Step 4: Using your finger and thumb, pull your earlobes downwards

Step 5: Do the same for the middle and top area of your ears. Do this 3 times.

This exercise has been used for years as part of the Indian medicine, as it helps increase blood circulation all throughout the face.

Repeat all steps 3 times.

Apart from incorporating these facial exercises, make sure you’re getting regular skin treatments and facials. If you haven’t already, consult with Shohreh to find out what your skin needs and get insight into some of Ivory Aesthetics top anti-ageing facial treatments.

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