Top 3 treatments to fight dry winter skin

Top 3 treatments to fight dry winter skin

It’s that time of year when winter can start to play havoc with your skin. With more time spent outdoors and the change in weather, skin can start to dry out and more wrinkles can appear, meaning it becomes all the more important to keep your skin hydrated and fresh. Fortunately, there are three non-invasive treatments that will save the day when it comes to fighting dry, winter skin.

Oxygen lift infusion

This is the perfect remedy for skin that has been affected by sun exposure and other environmental factors. This pure oxygen treatment stimulates the skin’s natural respiration, giving it an instant lift that leaves it looking and feeling completely rejuvenated. By working with your skin’s own ability to self-heal, an oxygen lift infusion gives your skin that little helping hand to regain its youthful freshness.


Facials for dry skin can work wonders, especially a HydraFacial for dry skin. This targets multiple areas of concern, including dehydrated patches, uneven skin texture, enlarged pores and dark spots, helping you attain a smooth, clear complexion. We offer one of the top hydrating facials in Dubai, using a variety of super-serums to refresh your tired winter skin and restore your natural glow.

Marine algae treatment

We all know that Mother Nature provides us with the best remedies, and marine algae face masks are one of them when it comes to dry skin. This natural, seaweed infused mask gives your skin a deep clean and rehydrates it, and because it contains anti-inflammatory plasmic gel, it is perfect for skin prone to acne or as a follow-up mask after other facial procedures.

Winter skin can be really difficult to tackle, and sometimes using creams at home isn’t enough to get on top of the problems you can experience over the colder months. We provide a range of treatments to help in the fight against dry skin, including the three tried and tested ones listed above.
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