The Science behind Soprano Titanium Hair Removal: How it Works

The Science behind Soprano Titanium Hair Removal: How it Works

Touted as a breakthrough hair removal technique, Soprano Titanium is the ultimate combination of functionality and comfort. This hair removal treatment is much faster and pain-free compared to other professional hair removal treatments and is a great experience for both, clients as well as therapists, alike.

How does Soprano Titanium work?

Soprano Titanium laser uses an exclusive 3D technology meaning it combines 3 most effective laser hair removal wavelengths into one single applicator. This helps the laser target different depths of the tissue and areas within the hair follicle. Soprano Titanium is a painless, safe, and effective hair removal treatment because of extended coverage, comfort, and low maintenance/recovery time.

What are the benefits of Soprano Titanium Hair Removal treatment?

Reduction of damage around hair follicles:

Traditional hair removal lasers use intense pulse light (IPL) to remove the hair which is so strong that it heats and destroys the hair follicles and skin around it. Soprano Titanium hair removal is gentle and only heats the dermis to a temperature that destroys the hair follicle but doesn’t cause any damage to the skin around it, thus making it effective for all skin types.

Quicker than traditional hair removal treatments:

Better user interface of the Soprano Titanium hair removal treatment means it is quicker and more comfortable for both client and therapist.

Pain-free hair removal solution:

Laser hair removal is a technique which uses heat to break down and destroy hair follicles to prevent regrowth of hair. This can cause pain and discomfort. Soprano Titanium is equipped with a unique cooling system which causes only a warm, tingling sensation on the skin even at its maximum speed.

Soprano Titanium Hair Removal technology produces superior results and provides a painless and comfortable experience. If you want to experience the newest in laser hair removal treatments, book an appointment at Ivory Aesthetics Clinic today and give your skin the gift of an innovation and superior hair removal treatment! 


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