The ONLY facial you need to get that dewy, glass skin!

The ONLY facial you need to get that dewy, glass skin!

Glass skin is in! Taking the beauty world by storm, the Korean trend for dewy skin so translucent it’s as light reflective as glass is a 2020 skincare movement that’s here to stay. The routine to achieve mirror-like skin tends to involve a multitude of steps from double cleansing to sheet masks and essences to moisturisers. But there’s another way to achieve the high gloss look and it’s the only facial you need to get that dewy, glass skin.

Dermaplaning facial

Layers of dead skin and peach fuzz on your face can cause dullness, fatigue, breakouts and fine lines. Those little hairs that drive you mad are not conducive to the dewy glass skin look. Neither is tired looking, flat skin that refuses to glow. Dermaplaning is an effective facial treatment that uses a surgical scalpel to gently exfoliate and remove dead skin and peach fuzz by carefully scraping the surface of your skin. The best thing about this treatment is that the results are instant – super smooth, glowing skin that’s baby soft and looks much healthier. The benefits of Dermaplaning go even further. By removing those dead skin cells, foundation goes on far more evenly and all your skincare products are far more efficiently absorbed. A Dermaplaning facial means there is no need to use harsh exfoliators on your face and you won’t need a 10-step routine to get glass skin. Not only is the big reveal brighter, fresher skin, but Dermaplaning results in skin cells having a faster turnover which encourages collagen production and plumper looking skin.

Combine with a Hydrafacial, LED treatment or Chemical Peel for outstanding results

Combining the power of Dermaplaning with a youth-boosting Hydrafacial brightens and plumps the skin even further. These two effortless treatments work harmoniously to clear out pores and drive in potent actives including super-serums and hyaluronic acid to hydrate skin at the deepest level. Choose to pair a Dermaplaning facial with a multi-award-winning Dermalux LED treatment and you’ll achieve the ultimate dewy complexion. Dermalux LED therapy uses infrared light to give you instant photo-ready skin whilst fighting acne, redness and pigmentation, boosting collagen and delivering intense hydration. Dermaplaning also works exceptionally when used before a Chemical Peel. Sloughing off the outer layers of skin during Dermaplaning increases the efficacy of a Chemical Peel and intensifies that glass skin look.

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