The Most Effective Treatments for Facial Scarring

The Most Effective Treatments for Facial Scarring

We’ve all dealt with raging teenage breakouts and hormonal adult acne that have left us with deep acne scars that just don’t seem to go away. If not acne scars, then there’s pigmentation, discoloration of skin, and dark spots.

Scarring is a true nightmare, and sure, we can use foundations and filters… But there’s nothing like having that smooth, flawless skin in real life, and there are ways to get it!

The important thing to realize is that scarring can be treated in ways that are non-invasive and don’t require you to burn a hole in your pocket. They do not have to involve several trips to a Dermatologist, and no, they won’t leave you with side effects and damaged skin to deal with.

Before we get to the treatments that actually work, you’ve got to identify whether your scars are superficial or deep. It’s highly recommended to have your skin assessed by a professional aesthetician who can determine this.

Minimal or superficial scarring occurs after the healing process of pimples and clogged pores, and this is usually on just the outer layers of the skin. Such scarring is easier to manage, as a few professional exfoliating treatments combined with the right products usually makes magic.

However, deeper scarring can be slightly trickier to deal with. Deep tissues that are scarred often change the texture of the skin as well as the color, which usually happens after severe hormonal acne. Deep scarring cannot be treated by topical creams, as they don’t penetrate to the deeper layers of the skin.

Laser treatments are often recommended as a treatment for deep scarring. However, laser treatments come with several downsides, including burning of the skin, redness, irritation, sensitivity – and not to mention the high costs involved with no guarantee. To know more about why laser treatments should be avoided, click here.

Unless you’re willing to invest in the large costs and high risks of laser treatments, non-invasive facial treatments are your best bet to get rid of scarring, both superficial and deep. Here are the best treatments for you based on your level of scarring:

Superficial Scarring: Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is a light, superficial peel that exfoliates your surface skin layer, repairing minimal acne scarring, dull skin, spots and pigmentation. Microdermabrasion is minimally abrasive and doesn’t require any downtime. Besides redness for a few hours, your skin will be good to go!

Plus, microdermabrasion can be customized to treat other skin concerns such as clogged pores, dehydrated skin and uneven skin texture, making it the perfect facial treatment for superficial scarring!

Price range – AED 500 onwards per session 

Deep Scarring: Microneedling

Microneedling is an advanced therapy that’s the best alternative to laser & surgical facial treatments. As the name suggests, the treatment uses micro needles that create nano holes in your skin to push healing serums to the deeper layer.

The best part is that microneedling actually works in treating several skin concerns all at once, including large pores, hyper pigmentation, aging signs and loose skin. The treatment has a regenerative effect, wherein the needles force your skin to produce collagen and boost healing.

Microneedling can also be customized to treat your exact skin concerns and you can select between basic micro needling vs advanced micro needling that uses pure oxygen to heal the deepest layers of your skin.

Price range – AED 1000 onwards per session

Remember, healing deep or superficial scarring is a journey that takes effort, but the right treatments from the right aestheticians can do real wonders for your skin!

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