The “Game of Thrones” Facial Is Now Available in Dubai

The “Game of Thrones” Facial Is Now Available in Dubai

Popularly known as the ‘Game of Thrones’ facial, DMK Enzyme Therapy is a revolutionary skin treatment developed by skincare company DMK. 

The therapy can be used to treat a number of conditions, including oily teenage skin, hyper-pigmentation and ageing skin. By exercising muscles in the face and strengthening the structure of your skin, it creates a healthy environment for skin cells to rejuvenate and improve the look of your skin.

The facial involves a mask that is applied to the skin and designed to harden and crack before being removed. The ‘Game of Thrones’ reference comes from the fact that when the mask is hardened at the end of the treatment, you resemble a White Walker from beyond the Wall!

Once the mask has been applied, sensors which emit small amounts of electricity (so small they cannot be felt) are placed on your chest, arms and legs. 

After 15 – 20 minutes, the mask has dried so much that it begins to pull on your skin – this is where the magic happens. A pulsing feeling in the skin is common and indicates the treatment is working as it should. It is this sensation that exercises your facial muscles and strengthens the structure of your skin. 

Finally, the mask is easily washed away and serums chosen specifically for your skin type are applied. The results can be seen straight away, most notably reduced pore size for a glass skin effect which lasts a week or more. 

If what you’re looking for isn’t just a facial treatment that promises a relaxing experience and a day or two of glow, DMK Enzyme Therapy is the answer you seek. The ‘Game of Thrones’ facial is now available in Dubai exclusively at Ivory Aesthetics in Business Bay. 

Call 04 4515554 to book your appointment, or book online (no credit card required).


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