The Best Summer Facial Treatments To Keep Your Skin Hydrated

The Best Summer Facial Treatments To Keep Your Skin Hydrated

The heat during summer in Dubai can be a difficult time. The temperature soars so high it can become unbearable. And whilst you take steps to help your body fight the heat and function properly, too many of us neglect our delicate skin. Intense heat and exposure to direct sunlight can be damaging to the facial skin.

Here are some of the most common problems associated with Dubai summers, and the treatments that can help –

Heat rash

The combination of the heat making the skin sensitive and the presence of sweat on the face can cause an irritation known as heat rash. Dirt and dust clog up the pores, causing the formation of itchy rashes or tiny blisters, and the skin can become damaged. The Marine Algae Mask treatment uses natural seaweed infusions to offer a deep cleanse and hydrating burst to the face. The mask is anti-inflammatory, and the deep cleanse will help unclog blocked pores to prevent heat rash from developing.


When your body becomes dehydrated in the heat, your skin bears the brunt of the damage. As the skin becomes dehydrated, it dries out, becomes irritated, and can even become cracked and flaky. This can be very uncomfortable, look unpleasant, and can do lasting damage to your skin. A nourishing Hydrafacial treatment is tailor-made with super-serums, peptides and hyaluronic acid to address the problem of dehydrated skin. It uses cutting-edge techniques to tackle a wide range of skin concerns in a single session and is a must for healthy facial skin during those harsh Dubai summers.

Chemical imbalance

Prolonged exposure to intense sunlight causes the all-important equilibrium in your facial skin to be thrown out. Dehydration, acne, sunburn/tanning and premature ageing can be brought on, and it’s important to address the effects of sun exposure regularly. Oxygen Lift Infusion therapy offers healing to the skin by stimulating its natural respiration process. It is a holistic, oxygen-infused treatment to help the skin fight the weathering effects of sun exposure, helping you look and feel your best as the sun beats down.

Don’t let the Dubai summer damage your skin. You deserve to look and feel great when the sun shines. Let Ivory Aesthetics help. Call us on 04 4515554.


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