The Anti-Aging Skincare Cocktail Everyone’s Talking About

The Anti-Aging Skincare Cocktail Everyone’s Talking About

You only have to flip through a magazine or scroll through social media to see anti-aging treatments and skincare transformation images. With so many treatments on offer, it can be hard to know who or what advice to listen to. 

As you get older, your skin naturally loses collagen, resulting in a loss of elasticity in the skin. The visible effects of this can be saggy skin, wrinkles and fine lines. When it comes to blemishes, make-up and cosmetics can be used to disguise them; but for aging skin, this simply will not make a difference. 

At Ivory Aesthetics we provide Skin Booster Facials which are the more natural alternative to surgical anti-ageing treatments. Minimally invasive, Skin Boosters do not have any side effects and provide natural-looking skin rejuvenation.

Skin Booster facial treatments

Here at Ivory Aesthetics Clinic, we use a safer, natural alternative to injectables that also improves the skin’s collagen production. Skin Boosters also help treat  uneven skin and other skin problems. In this facial treatment, we carefully inject 2-5 ml (depending on skin type) of booster into the skin.

The treatment brings visible results after just 4-6 sessions, which are usually 2 weeks apart. We can fully cater the treatment to you and your specific skin type. 

Types of skin boosters available 

We have a variety of different skin boosters available that can assist with many different skin problems. Our classic booster is ideal to enhance the skin and create a natural glow. We also have a vitamin booster, which is perfect if your skin needs nourishment, using a combination of different vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Our Restylane booster helps to give your skin a more youthful and fresh appearance, which has been specially designed with patented NASHA technology. The Prophilo booster is a fantastic alternative to injectables and helps to restore the natural laxity of your skin.

If you’re looking to revive your skin, our Stem Cell Booster which has glutations(anti oxidant for brightening) is a wonderful treatment and works by stimulating collagen. As a result, your skin will appear fresher and brighter. 

If you are ready to revitalize your skin with skin boosters, book a consultation now.


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