Stress showing on your skin? Don’t underestimate the power of a face massage!

Stress showing on your skin? Don’t underestimate the power of a face massage!

Just like the rest of your body, your facial muscles too require a good workout on a regular basis.
And no, we aren’t hinting at an exercise regimen or face yoga!

(Although if you’d like to give that a try, here’s some great info. Check it out: How to do Face Yoga for Younger-Looking Skin)

We’re talking about something that barely requires any effort, facial massages!
Facial massages have long been an anti-aging secret and if done right, facial massages can offer a lot more than skin rejuvenation, tightening & toning.

We’ve broken it down below.

Relaxes Facial Muscles For A Natural Facelift

Stress builds up tension in your muscles, so when your facial muscles tense up they’re more likely to cause wrinkles and fine lines on your face.

Face massages work wonders in relieving this stress, which goes a long way in anti-aging and skin tightening. Stimulating pressure points around the eyes and nose, face massage eases up tight muscles which can even prevent the onset of crow’s feet.

An added benefit of a face massage is that the regular stimulation increases oxygen flow and boosts collagen production which in itself is a great anti-aging technique that gives a facelift.

While you can incorporate a facial massage in your daily skincare routine, bear in mind that your skin type determines the kind of massage you need. Anymore than 10 minutes and a harsh technique could worsen an acne condition or stretch skin unnecessarily.

Improves Circulation & Lymph Drainage

Ever felt facial bloating or puffiness after a night of bingeing, lack of sleep or your menstrual cycle? That’s where face massages come into play.

A specialized face massage can unblock your facial lymph nodes and vessels which tends to store any toxin and fluid build up. By applying a deep pressure massage technique in the right spots, you are essentially draining out any accumulated build up and easing congestion which will reduce any facial swelling, bloating and can even help reduce eye bags.

Plus, the increased blood and oxygen circulation in your face will result in an evened out skin tone and a brighter complexion.

Boosts Product Absorption

A completely overlooked benefit of regular facial massages is the fact that it helps boost absorption of any products used in your facial treatments and any skincare products that you use, which of course, increases the effectiveness of your products.

Not only does facial massages have several immediate benefits for or skin, but it also gives several long-term effects in terms of anti-aging, skin tightening, toned muscles and a radiant appearance.

But you must know that, a couple of circulation motions during your skincare regimen may do more harm than good. You do not want to stretch your skin, apply too much pressure or spend too much time on it. It’s crucial for you to get your technique, stimulation points and pressure level absolutely right.

We truly recommend getting your fix from a professional aesthetician who’s equipped with the right techniques and will tailor the facial massage for your skin type. If you’d like to incorporate this into your daily regimen, we’d still recommend learning a few tips from your aesthetician before you try it out yourself.

For those of you who desperately need some professional skin pampering, we’ve linked our top client-favourite facial treatments below, all of which are customized for your skin type and of course, include a thorough facial massage.


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