Shohreh’s Tips For Summer Skincare

Shohreh’s Tips For Summer Skincare

Shohreh Bagherian, CEO of Ivory Aesthetics Clinic, is a skincare expert who knows what it takes to keep skin glowing even during the hot summer months. She is one of the most sought-after therapists in the Middle East and here we have an exclusive insight into her top tips for keeping your skin in the best shape in the sweltering weather.

1. Wear sunscreen

It is important to remember SPF re-application is just as important as the initial application. It also needs to be the last step of your skincare routine and be at least SPF 30 to really protect your skin from burns, dry skin, ageing, and potential skin cancer risks.

2. Switch to light cleansers and moisturizers

Just because you are hot and sweaty, don’t skip out on moisturizers. Switch to lighter formulas instead. Our skin can still get easily irritated and dried out by the summer heat, so don’t skip your daily skincare routine, but consider using lighter formulas such as cleansing foams and a gentle moisturizer. Avoid using retinol or chemical peels as they can be harsh for your skin during summer because the skin is usually sensitive this season.

3. Continue exfoliating

When the weather is hot and your skin gets oily, exfoliating every now and then is very important to stop your pores from clogging up. But don’t overdo it, as this could make your skin more prone to sun sensitivity.

4. Recommended Ivory Aesthetics Clinic treatments

You should be having fun in the sun in summer rather than worrying about your skin, but your skin is sensitive and it’s important to take good care of it to keep you looking youthful and healthy. At Ivory Aesthetics Clinic we have a range of treatments to help that can take the stress off your hands. Shohreh’s top recommendation for treating sun damage is an Oxygen Lift Infusion which infuses 98% pure oxygen into your skin for total hydration.

There is also the Vitamin Skin Booster which can be tailored to your skin’s needs to prevent ageing and give your skin the goodness it needs to recover from summer.

Also, if you are suffering from open pores and acne, laser treatment might be the choice for you – this treatment totally rejuvenates your skin no matter the damage. Ivory Aesthetics Clinic is the sought-after place to find the best facial treatments in Dubai that will leave you with glowing skin even during the summer months. Book an appointment today.


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