Radiofrequency & Microneedling Treatment – A PowerLift Combo for Sagging Skin

Radiofrequency & Microneedling Treatment – A PowerLift Combo for Sagging Skin

While we’re all aware that there are plenty of anti-aging treatments on the market, few of us ever think to combine one or more treatments to achieve even better results. The good news is that non-invasive treatments like Collagen Induction Therapy, Microneedling Treatment and Radio Frequency skin tightening can be used in alternate or concurrent sessions for maximum effect.

Here’s why each of these are among the best anti-aging treatments available in Dubai:


As the name suggests, Microneedling involves small needles being inserted into the skin. When the skin becomes pricked, this stimulates the growth of new collagen and skin tissue, resulting in a much firmer, toned appearance. This therapy is mostly used on the face and can be beneficial in reducing the appearance of scars, large pores and wrinkles.

It’s a minimally invasive procedure which takes about two hours in total and requires no downtime – simply receive the treatment and enjoy the rest of your day.

Radio Frequency Treatment

This anti-aging treatment relies on the natural healing abilities of the body to create a firmer look. During the procedure, a warm wand emits radio frequencies and is passed over the skin in a circular, sweeping motion. As the skin gently heats to approximately 40C, the brain becomes tricked into thinking the body has received a potential injury, thereby stimulating a healing response. This results in the tightening of elastin fibers and an increase in collagen production. Professionals recommend a course of six treatments over a three-week period for the best possible results.

Combining Microneedling and Radio Frequency treatments

Because Microneedling creates gaps in the pores, this allows for radio frequency devices to create an even greater wound-healing response from the body. Larger amounts of heat can delve deeper into the skin via the open pores, resulting in a marginally increased level of collagen creation. This dream combination helps to improve both the firmness and texture of the skin.

For further information on how a dual Microneedling/RF treatment could improve your look and increase your confidence, why not contact Ivory Aesthetics for a no-obligation consultation in Dubai today?


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