Radiofrequency facial – a client favorite for skin tightening

Radiofrequency facial – a client favorite for skin tightening

Collagen production is key to having healthy skin. While there are lots of different ways to non-invasively stimulate collagen production, few are as convenient as a radiofrequency facial.

In addition to boosting collagen levels, radiofrequency facials also help to firm the facial contours and soften fine lines almost instantaneously.

It’s also one of the best skin tightening treatments around.

Here are some other benefits of radiofrequency facials:

Treatment time is short and the results are noticeable immediately

To stimulate your own personal collagen production, a radiofrequency machine is used to heat the skin. It should reach levels of approximately 40 degrees Celsius, and feels quite similar to a hot stone massage – there’s heat, but it’s a comfortable heat.

Treatment lasts approximately 30 minutes. Post-treatment, it’s immediately possible to notice a tightening of collagen fibres. This makes a radiofrequency facial a great choice if you’re planning on attending an event.

However, you’ll also notice a long-lasting lift combined with increased skin volume. Most radiofrequency facials will continue to promote the production of collagen for up to six weeks following treatment.

A radiofrequency facial can reduce wrinkles and fine lines

This treatment is excellent when it comes to softening nose-to-mouth lines. Most clients notice that their cheeks feel lifted and their jawline feels tighter after treatment, which means that radiofrequency facials are fantastic for age prevention.

Anybody can benefit from a radiofrequency facial

Anybody who is experiencing dull or sagging skin can benefit from a radiofrequency facial. This treatment helps to increase firmness and will also boost the levels of oxygen in the skin, so it’s perfect for improving the overall radiance of the face.

It can firm and contour other areas of the body

In addition to improving the appearance of the face, radiofrequency treatments can also be used to help firm and contour other areas of the body. At higher temperatures, radiofrequency machines can cause a reaction called lypolosys, which causes fat cells to melt away. To this end, radiofrequencies are great for combating cellulite and other types of fatty deposits.

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