Pigmentation Treatments: The Pros & Cons

Pigmentation Treatments: The Pros & Cons

While most of us associate aging skin with wrinkles, crow’s feet and frown lines, it’s often the case that looking older is primarily caused by uneven skin tone. Large brown patches of pigmentation on face, hands and shoulder areas can cause us to feel less confident and more self-conscious – but thankfully there are several treatments which can reverse the process.

What are the pros of pigmentation treatment?
– It’s incredibly effective.
– It’s not painful.
– Most treatments only take about 30 minutes per session.
– There’s no age limit.
– Pigmentation treatment can drastically improve your appearance.

Are there any cons?

Hyperpigmentation treatment is safe and effective – the only downside is that it may take more than a single session to get the best possible results.

Best treatment for hyperpigmentation on face:

The following four treatments come highly recommended, and are available at Ivory Aesthetics:

1.) HydraFacial

This is undoubtedly the most popular treatment for hyperpigmentation. It is estimated that around the world, there are four HydraFacials performed every single minute of the day. It’s a simple hydradermabrasion procedure which combines exfoliation, cleansing, extraction, antioxidant protection and hydration at the same time.

2) The Oxygen White Infusion

This treatment is great for pigmented skin as it helps to draw oxygen away from the skin’s surface. This helps to accelerate the production of collagen, which in turn helps to repair the skin from within. Oxygen White Infusion treatment is also recommended for clearing acne and creating a more balanced skin tone.

3) Radio Frequency Facial

RF energy treatment helps to non-surgically tighten the early signs of sagging skin, which can contribute to hyperpigmentation. It is most commonly used to treat the cheeks, mid-face, neck, jawline, forehead and around the eyes.

4) Nimue Fading Treatment

This treatment uses antioxidants to reduce melanin, the primary cause of hyperpigmentation. It helps to regulate any potential new pigmentation while fading existing pigment marks.

If you’d like to book a consultation or would like more information on the best hyperpigmentation treatment for your skin type, simply get in touch with Ivory Aesthetics today and a member of our professional, friendly and experienced team will be able to talk you through the best course of action.


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