The Must-Do’s For Every Woman’s Skincare Routine

The Must-Do’s For Every Woman’s Skincare Routine

In following a skincare routine that’ll best benefit your facial needs, it’s important to know which products work together, how they benefit your skin, and in what order they should be followed.

Here are certain products that should be included in your skincare routine, and how your skin can benefit from each one of them.

1: Cleanser

Using a gentle, water-soluble cleanser helps remove debris, oil, and makeup, as rinsing with water isn’t enough to clean your face. Cleansers also help allow the products you use to work even better during the evening and in the morning.

Carefully choose a cleanser appropriate for your skin type. While cream cleansers work well for dry skin, gel-formulated cleansers are suitable for individuals with oily complexion.

2: Toner

Toners helps smoothen and soften the skin, whilst removing the last traces of makeup.

Products with skin-replenishing ingredients hydrate, refresh, and revitalize the skin’s surface immediately after cleansing.

3: Exfoliant

Environmental damage causes the surface of the skin to to become dull, rough, and uneven. Exfoliating eliminates this buildup, which could cause clogged pores, uneven skin tone, and worsen the appearance of fine lines and deeper wrinkles.

For individuals with sensitive skin, avoid scrubs with scratchy grains. Instead, look for exfoliators with natural fruit enzymes, as they help remove dead skin cells without the use of microbeads.

How often you should exfoliate depends on your skin type. You can either do it once or twice a week if you have normal or dry skin, and three to four times if you have oily or combination skin.

4: Serum

Serums are filled with antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients that help protect your skin from environmental damage. Unlike moisturizers, serums penetrate deeper, nourishing and hydrating the skin.

Purchase serums specifically to your skin’s need – anti-aging, brightening, or acne.

5: Moisturizer

We advise using a different moisturizer for your morning and another moisturizer for your evening routine.

For daytime, use a lighter formula with minimum SPF 15. This will help the skin retain its moisture and protect against UVA/ UVB rays.

For your nighttime routine, use a thicker and richer formula. Night creams should contain collagen, elastin, and essential lipids to help refresh your face while you sleep.

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