Meso-hair therapy treatment for hair loss

Meso-hair therapy treatment for hair loss

In 1976 a French physician treated various conditions and started experimenting on superficial injections for different indications. Finally he coined the term mesotherapy. Which today is well known and used for several cosmetic procedures.
These of course are all unique in there own ways.

So for the term meso-hair at IVORY we are aiming on improving hair growth, brittle and life-less hair. The best way to think of hair growth is to picture a garden. How it grows is the result by what’s happening underground.

With hair growth the cycle could be disturbed by interference of:
medication, illness, infection and chemicals.

With meso-hair therapy we work with vitamins to boost the blood circulation in this specific area. Better circulation allows hair follicle to be nourished.This allows hair re-growth.


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