Laser free acne scar treatments you should try

Laser free acne scar treatments you should try

One of the most distressing aspects of acne can be the scars which are left behind following a flare-up.

Although these may fade with time, many still end up with unsightly scars, often on the cheeks and forehead.

While there are a range of acne scar treatments available, it’s important to note that laser acne treatments may increase the risk of skin infections. Apart from potentially causing redness and itching after treatment, laser sessions may even prompt an acne flare up.

Laser isn’t always the best option, especially for those with active acne, or have used acne medication (isotretinoin).

So what are the best laser free acne scar treatments you should try?

For many people who are anxious to reduce the visibility of their acne scars, microneedling or microdermabrasion could work really well.

A fast, effective acne scar treatment, microneedling is a technique involving the stimulation of the epidermal cells (surface skin cells). Microneedling causes the cells to regenerate and renew at a faster rate, resulting in the growth of fresh, new skin. In many cases, this renewal process causes acne scars to become far less obvious, as well as giving a boost to the skin’s radiance and clarity. People often notice a difference after just three or four treatment sessions.

Similar in effect to microneedling, microdermabrasion is another treatment we recommend for acne scarring. With very little down time after the treatment, microdermabrasion is ideal for patients who have a busy schedule. It’s possible to resume normal activities (including wearing make-up, going to the gym and washing the face) within a very short period of time. Our skincare expert will advise on post-treatment guidelines as part of your procedure.

The suitability of a particular acne scar treatment varies from person to person. Get in touch with our professional skincare team based in Business Bay today, by calling us on 04 451 5554.


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