How To Keep Your Skin Radiant During Ramadan

How To Keep Your Skin Radiant During Ramadan

Ramadan is the time to reflect, revive and rejoice. It is when one observes approximately 14 hours of fast followed by a get together where families get together to feast.  

During this time, lack of food and sleep could lead to dehydration, not just of the body but also of the skin.

Along with Dubai’s crippling heat, skin can end up looking dull and damaged. This is why it is extremely important to stay on top of this by following certain measures.

Drink your water!

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Drink plenty of liquids in the form of water and natural juices during this time as your body may not be receiving natural hydration and nutrition.

You will need to drink as much water as possible after breaking your fast to make sure your skin remains looking supple and fresh.

Avoid drinking caffeinated drinks such as coffee, sugary colas or even tea, as it can lead to dryness of the skin and further dehydration.


This may seem like the obvious one, but it is surprising the amount of people that skimp on this due to having to wake up early for Suhoor or simply because the family gathering the night before finished up late.

Don’t’ let these things stop you from getting your 7 hours of sleep.

It is called beauty sleep for a reason!

Eat well

It can be incredibly tempting to eat all the fried goodness during Iftar. However, consuming oily/fast food can lead to skin blemishes, breakouts and dull skin.

To achieve radiant skin, make sure your diet is full of nutritious and wholesome foods such as leafy greens and fresh fruits.

Break your fast with fruits high in vitamin C such as strawberries and oranges. Vitamin C, plentiful in this produce, is vital for the production and formation of collagen.

You can also pair these fruits with sunflowers seeds or almonds as these nuts are high in vitamin E that lock in some moisture and give you a dewy, hydrated look.

Apart from all these above steps, make sure to follow through with your every day skin care routine such as applying sunscreen daily and cleansing your wash with a gentle face wash.

If you feel like your skin is really starting to show signs of dehydration during Ramadan, you may consider opting for an instant hydrating treatment that will combat the dehydration it goes through during Ramadan.

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