How Facials Save You Money – We Do The Math!

How Facials Save You Money – We Do The Math!

We’ve all dealt with that excruciating process of buying a skincare product that seems so promising at first, but a few weeks in you realize that it isn’t really working for your skin.

Of course you can’t return it and you just feel terrible about all the money that’s gone down the drain.

Well, with the help of regular facials. It might be the time for that to stop.

1 out of 4 women admit to spending over AED 500, every month on skincare.

This comes up to a whopping AED 6k, every year on skincare products!

Pretty overwhelming when you think about it, right?

And the older you get, the more products you’ll need.

Anti-wrinkle creams, eye creams, and anti-aging products all rack up a to a pretty hefty amount alone, not to mention when they’re added on top of your normal monthly bill of products.

With regular facials tailored to your skincare needs, overspending on skin care products can definitely be avoided!

While the average cost of a facial is around AED 500, you’ll only need to get one every 6-8 weeks! This comes to a total of AED 3000 a year, a saving of 50%!

A cheap, drugstore face mask might cover one step, but a professional facial will include every stage of a facial skin care routine all in one; cleanse, tone, exfoliate, mask, serum, moisturise and massage!

Working with a trained aesthetician will ensure that you get the skincare that is the perfect match for your skin, cutting  out the guesswork, and giving you the best long term results. Yes, this does mean you can stop panicking about having to get injectables at 60 because your wrinkles will be non-existent!

At half the price of D.I.Y skincare, getting regular facials is not just a luxury. It’s a necessity. Your skin will thank you for it later.

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