How Does Dehydrated Skin Differ From Dry Skin?

How Does Dehydrated Skin Differ From Dry Skin?

Although Dehydrated and Dry skin seem like two words synonymous to each other, when it comes to skincare they are completely different concerns with different underlying causes.

Dry skin is a skin type, but Dehydrated skin is a condition anyone can experience. You don’t need to have Dry skin to also have Dehydrated skin. Sometimes, people with Oily or Combination skin can also have Dehydrated skin.

So how does Dehydrated skin differ from Dry skin?

Dehydrated skin is extremely common, and is mostly caused by external factors like – the weather, pollution, diet, medications, and over-cleansing.

People with Dehydrated skin lack water, making the skin look dull, feel tight and rough, and show accelerated signs of aging.

Signs of Dehydrated skin are very common on the forehead near the scalp line, outer cheeks, and around the eyes.

If you have Dehydrated skin, it’s very important to hydrate yourself as much as possible. Drink lots of water, eat water-rich fruits and vegetables, and try to stay away from harsh skin products.

However, with Dry skin, lack of moisture can usually result to flaky or rough skin. If this is your skin type, make sure you’re using the right moisturising products. Choose oils as they penetrate deep into the skin, allowing it to breathe. We recommend using oil products that have rich ingredients like jojoba or coconut oil.

Distinguishing between Dehydrated and Dry skin can be difficult, as it’s almost completely similar to one another.

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