How a HydraFacial saves your skin from Dubai’s scorching summers

How a HydraFacial saves your skin from Dubai’s scorching summers

With an average temperature of 45 degrees celcius for much of the summer, it’s no wonder that many of us living in Dubai are in need of a good facial to bring some life back into that dry, parched skin.

With skin dehydration a common side effect of such high temperatures, oil and acne appearance can also occur for a lot of us, which is why we recommend the HydraFacial.

This power-facial might be just what you need to reset your skin and feel hydrated and happy, even in the most scorching weather.

How does HydraFacial help your skin?

Unlike traditional facials that just focus on the surface of the skin, the people behind HydraFacial know that your skin is an organ in itself – and more like a sponge.

So they created a system that allows for greater absorption and a more in-depth treatment. You’re not just trying to cover up the problem with surface-level care, you’re treating your skin all the way through thanks to the way the HydraFacial technology works.

HydraFacial for dry and sensitive skin

Since the HydraFacial was created with dry skin in mind, it’s developed with a range of healthy, good-for-you skin products derived from botanicals, including horse chestnut seed extract, red algae extract, hyaluronic acid, copper, zinc and even magnesium peptides.

These deliver as much goodness to your skin as possible, and the vortex-type system it uses helps deliver these ingredients more powerfully than traditional skincare, leaving it enriched and supple.

HydraFacial for oily and combination skin

The heat and sun can send oil into overdrive, resulting in skin that is both dry, dehydrated and acne-prone.

HydraFacial’s use of antioxidants help to calm and care for the skin, with an additional process that directly targets particularly congested and acne-prone skin while still softening and hydrating.

The combination of biological know-how and technical capability makes HydraFacial the perfect way to keep your skin healthy.

If you’re feeling the heat and looking for the perfect way to rehydrate your skin, book yourself a HydraFacial treatment to bring back that healthy glow.

You can now book our 60 min HydraFacial treatment for only AED 787.50

For further inquiries and skin concerns, get in touch with our skin experts at Ivory Aesthetics Clinic by calling us on 04 330 64 64


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