From Acne Scars to Clear Skin- How Clear Skin Laser Treatment Can Help

From Acne Scars to Clear Skin- How Clear Skin Laser Treatment Can Help

Before determining which treatment to choose to reduce the appearance of acne scars, it is important to understand the root of your problem.

Why does the skin develop acne?

Acne is one of the most universally popular conditions which may start as early as adolescence and persist well up to adulthood. Human skin has pores which have a tendency to become blocked due to dirt, dead cells, bacteria, and the skin’s natural production of oil. Clogged pores lead to the development of zits, pimples, or blemishes. Acne is a skin problem which causes repeated excessive development of pimples. While it poses no serious risk to the body, Acne is known to be the thief of confidence and self esteem.

The Acne Cycle:

Our pores consist of sebaceous glands which release sebum- the body’s natural lubricant that keeps the skin soft and hydrated. Excessive production of sebum blocks pores and accelerates the development of pimples.

Who is prone to Acne?

Individuals going through puberty produce a much larger amount of sebum which is difficult for the body to control, resulting in the development of acne. People who don’t wash their face and hands regularly also  expose themselves to the risk of getting acne. Other factors like hormonal changes during pregnancy, endocrine disorders, poor sleep, smoking, genetics, and unhealthy beauty practices could cause acne.

How Clear Skin Laser Treatment can help:

Clear Skin is a non-ablative laser to damage the sebaceous glands. This reduces the sebum production thereby destroying the bacteria responsible for the development of acne. This is the ideal treatment for all skin types and helps achieve long lasting results. Clear Skin laser effectively targets specific pockets of skin tissue without hurting any surrounding tissues leading to smoother, more radiant skin.

What’s the recovery/downtime period?

As Clear Skin Laser treatment doesn’t cause any tissue ablation, it bypasses the recovery time associated with other treatments. However, you may experience temporary side effects like redness or swelling in the treated areas.

To understand the procedure and its benefits in more detail, book a consultation at Ivory Aesthetics Clinic, Al Wasl Road, Dubai.


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