Finally, a treatment that works for that dreaded Dubai hair loss!

Finally, a treatment that works for that dreaded Dubai hair loss!

We understand the self-esteem issues that can come from hair loss. Something that has for so long been a part of who you are and how you present yourself is disappearing from your body – it can be distressing and upsetting.

No matter what your style or personality is, hair loss can be a stressful adjustment. It’s important to value your self-worth during this time and focus on your self-esteem by reminding yourself that you are just as beautiful now as you were before.

If you do want to go for a hair loss treatment, it’s important to research exactly what it will entail and ensure you choose the best option for yourself. 

Microneedling – what is it?

Microneedling is a cosmetic treatment that uses a skin roller covered in small needles designed to cause lots of minor skin injuries. These promote repairing tissue in the skin and help in regenerating hair follicles.

It was popularised as a treatment in 1990 for scarring but has since been suggested as a potential treatment for certain types of alopecia. Microneedling is designed to encourage collagen production but is also thought to stimulate stem cells which could lead to hair growth.

Oxyneedling hair loss treatment in Dubai

Similar to microneedling, oxyneedling is a type of PRP treatment for hair growth that uses active ingredients to create channels that infuse oxygen into the scalp. This form of PRP hair treatment allows ingredients to penetrate deep into the scalp which promotes blood circulation and helps prevent hair breakage.

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