Everything you need to know about your Hypoxi Session

Everything you need to know about your Hypoxi Session

Dreaming of shedding those last few pounds without having to step foot inside a gym? Well, let us introduce our Hypoxi sessions. They have revolutionised weight loss techniques by combining low impact  exercise with a vacuum chamber that increases fat-burning to give you the body you’ve always dreamed of.

Hypoxi sessions for weight loss

One of the reasons why Hypoxi sessions for weight loss have become such a massive trend is because they’re revolutionary in that they offer the combination of low impact exercise and vacuum technology. This means that you receive a much more natural weight loss treatment. On average, sessions last for approximately 45 minutes, and for this, you will receive a specialised programme devised by the professional delivering your treatment which is based on the results you’re after.

Hypoxi methods for fat burning

By using the Hypoxi method for fat burning alongside nutrition plans adviced by Ivory Aesthetics Clinic, you’re activating your body’s fat-burning metabolism which is necessary to eliminate fat and cellulite deposits. The low-level exercise you undertake requires cycling in a vacuum chamber. It’s ideal for anyone who struggles to keep the pounds off, women looking to get rid of baby weight, and ladies who are after a slimmer figure but hate the idea of going to the gym.

Hypoxi slimming treatments

Hypoxi slimming treatment works best when combined with Emerald Green Laser technology which helps to remove pockets of fat. It uses non-invasive green lasers to target extra bits of fat and cellulite, melting the fat tissue and detoxifying your lymphatic system. It’s an FDA approved process and has several health benefits, such as lowering cholesterol, boosting immune systems and increasing energy levels. This makes it the perfect partner for Hypoxi cycling treatments.

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