Dermaplaning – It’s More Than Just Shaving Your Face!

Dermaplaning – It’s More Than Just Shaving Your Face!

If you’re a beauty & skincare enthusiast, you must’ve come across those ‘oh-so-satisfying’ facial shaving or dermaplaning videos on Instagram. And no, it isn’t just a skincare fad. The post-dermaplaning glow is unreal, making it one of the most sought after facial treatments this year. 

So is dermaplaning just a fancy term for facial shaving? Absolutely not! 

When done by a qualified esthetician along with the right products, exfoliants & face masks; dermaplaning can be that perfect go-to facial treatment to keep your skin clear, all year round. 

Dermaplaning might, on the surface (pun intended), seem like fancy face shaving, and in a way it is. During the treatment, peach fuzz (or vellus hair) and dead skin cells are lightly shaved off from the face using a medical-grade scalpel. This might sound scary, but it is entirely pain-free and harmless. In fact, removing peach fuzz and dead skin cells leaves you with a healthy face ready for anything!

Combine Dermaplaning with other customized exfoliating treatments and you have a potent facial mix that’ll leave your skin silky smooth, bump-free, perfect for makeup application & of course, glowing!

Some other benefits of Dermaplaning: 

  1. Makes your skin completely smooth, clear and a perfect canvas for make up
  2. Moisturisers seep into the skin easier, refreshing your face faster
  3. Removing dead skin also reduces breakouts so you can stay fresh-faced for longer; it is essentially exfoliating

Busting Dermaplaning Myths

You may have heard horror stories about dermaplaning making hair grow back thicker, or darker. This isn’t true. Dermaplaning does not affect hair growth. 

The whole process doesn’t take too long, either, with some people fitting appointments in during lunch breaks. 

Your skin doesn’t need any recovery time either but experts suggest you give your skin some time to settle down, roughly 24 hours. Your skin is extremely receptive to products right after dermaplaning, so a gentle moisturiser is a good idea, but no makeup if possible.

Experienced estheticians know how to work on multiple layers of skin without harming the face, so there is no risk involved in the process. Dermaplaning is gentle and effective on all skin types, but if you have extremely sensitive skin or problems with acne, talk to your esthetician before booking an appointment.

At Ivory Aesthetics, we’re experts at Dermaplaning and we’ve combined our dermaplaning treatment with a chemical peel that makes the perfect exfoliating treatment. If you’re looking for a Dermaplaning treatment in Dubai, give it a shot. Call us on 04 451 5554 or you can book an appointment online by clicking here.


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