How To Care For Your Skin After a Facial

How To Care For Your Skin After a Facial

At Ivory Aesthetics – one of Dubai’s technologically advanced skincare service providing spas – we often come across questions related to our different facial treatments. However, one major concern that most of our clients have is – ‘How long will the facial results last?’

Though the results vary from person to person, how one takes care of the skin after the facial treatment actually plays a very decisive role.

When you are investing in advanced professional facials, it is important to make that investment more valuable by practicing proper skin care after the treatment. Following the right aftercare will improve and extend the results of your facial tremendously.

Our internationally certified aestheticians have shared some simple yet effective tips that will make sure your results are both successful and long-lasting.

Treat your skin gently

Your skin goes through intense cleansing during the facial process. After the process, it is important to treat the skin gently to avoid skin irritation. For the first few weeks after your facial, avoid using exfoliating cleansers as they can be harsh on your skin. Use gentle foam or cream cleansers which will remove dirt and impurities without causing any harm to your skin. Speak to your aesthetician to know about the right skincare formulations that will harmonize your facial treatment.

Use recommended aftercare products

Each facial type has a different skincare purpose to serve, and to get effective results from the treatment; it is important to use recommended aftercare products. Your aesthetician knows the treatment and your skin better, they always choose the best products for your skin.

Drink plenty of water

After the treatment, your skin needs to be hydrated as this allows for improved moisturisation and better circulation. Drink ample water and eat hydrating food like fruits and vegetables – also avoid caffeine, alcohol and substances that can dehydrate your skin.

Avoid heavy makeup

Putting on heavy makeup can offset some of the positive results of your facial, by clogging newly opened pores and meddling with the skin healing ingredients left behind by the facial treatment. Avoid thick layers of makeup and sport the new, natural glow.

Use sunscreen religiously

Newly treated skin stands at risk of damage from the sun, so protect your skin using a sunscreen with an SPF 30 or higher. If possible, avoid the sun completely for the first day or two post your facial.

Indulge in a DIY facial

Incorporating a facial massage helps boost your skin’s health as it provides skin cells with nutrients and oxygen. When complemented with your skincare products, a facial massage can improve their performance. You can ask for some DIY facial tips from your aesthetician.

Make the most of your advanced facial by following these tips after your treatment, and get long lasting results.

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