Can the Cosmelan Chemical Peel Get Rid of Melasma & Pigmentation Forever?

Can the Cosmelan Chemical Peel Get Rid of Melasma & Pigmentation Forever?

Many people – including celebrities such as Jenna Dewan – suffer from melasma and hyperpigmentation, which can often lead to a lack of confidence, especially in a world of Instagram followers and the race to get the most likes on your selfies. 

Due to this, many professionals have begun to research new methods of skincare which can help you feel comfortable in your own skin – allowing you to feel beautiful on the inside and the outside! 

One such treatment is the Cosmelan chemical peel, which promises to get rid of melasma & pigmentation forever.

The Cosmelan peel is a chemical peel treatment which aims to reduce the effects of melasma (grey-brown patches which appear on the skin) and hyperpigmentation, resulting in an overall clearer complexion and brighter skin. 

Discolouration of the skin can be caused by a multitude of factors that we encounter in our day to day lives – from hormone imbalances, acne, ageing to changes in the weather – which cause the natural melanin within our skin to increase, sometimes resulting in conditions such as melasma. 

A Cosmelan peel, therefore, works to decrease the production of melanin, which helps resolve the issue. Cosmelan peels have also been known to treat a multitude of other ‘imperfections’, such as birthmarks, sun (UV) damage, freckles and acne scarring. 

A Cosmelan peel is much more effective than other peels in the market and unlike many of its competitors, does not contain harsh chemicals that can damage your skin. The process is non-painful and usually consists of a mask being applied to the affected area (usually the face), which is later washed away. The peel contains different kinds of natural acid – kojic and azelaic – which work together to even your complexion. Azelaic acid boosts cell production whilst removing bacteria from the surface of your skin, whilst Kojic acid works to limit your body’s production of melanin. 

To put it simply, a Cosmelan peel is a perfect treatment for anyone who wants to even out their complexion without undergoing an extremely invasive treatment that could later damage the skin. It works quickly and effectively and reaps many benefits – making it favoured amongst the beauty community and specialists alike.

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