BTL Emsella and Emsculpt Neo– The Treatments Taking the World by Storm

BTL Emsella and Emsculpt Neo– The Treatments Taking the World by Storm

Before delving into BTL Emsella and Emsculpt Neo treatments, let’s understand a little about urinary incontinence and the science behind using radiofrequency and HIFEM+ energies to eliminate fat and build muscle.

Urinary Incontinence quite simply refers to the uncontrollable leaking of urine. Besides its medical complications, urinary incontinence affects the emotional, psychological, and social lives of those who suffer from it. It is a condition that hampers everyday life and keeps people from living normal lives.


Enter BTL Emsella.

BTL Emsella uses an advanced realm of technology to provide a non-surgical treatment for pelvic floor muscles in incontinence. It repairs and restores bladder control to heal urinary incontinence and intimate discomfort. Backed by HIFEM technology, BTL Emsella targets and stimulates the pelvic floor muscles resulting in their contraction and subsequent tightening.

Compared to other treatments that might be intravaginal, BTL Emsella does not pose any risks of burning or discomfort caused by an invasive vaginal probe. This treatment is a great alternative for women who are looking for a safe, non-invasive and effective FDA-approved procedure to treat urinary incontinence, decreased vaginal laxity, and intimate discomfort.


What is BTL Emsculpt Neo?

Created for those fitness enthusiasts who find it difficult to shed fat from a particular body part despite following a diet and workout regime, BTL Emsculpt Neo helps build muscle and eliminate stubborn fat.

However, BTL Emsculpt Neo is not a weight-loss program. To be eligible for this treatment, one is required to be in good shape and have a BMI not exceeding 30.

This FDA-approved treatment is backed by HIFEM technology that focuses on muscle groups that are hard to target even with regular exercise. This non-invasive body sculpting treatment has clinically proven to have reduced up to 30% of stubborn body fat and replaced it with 25% muscle.

BTL Emsculpt Neo shows faster results as compared to a traditional workout regimen. Its effect on muscle tissues is similar to 12-16 weeks of resistance training.

If you are experiencing either of these issues, urinary incontinence or stubborn fat not going away, and are looking for solutions, , you may want to experience the wonderful results of BTL Emsella or Emsculpt Neo respectively. Book an appointment at Ivory Aesthetics Clinic and take a step towards a new you, today!


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