Best oxygen facial in Dubai? We (definitely) think so!

Best oxygen facial in Dubai? We (definitely) think so!

Oxygen Facial is the best way to nourish tired and dry skin. It uses a spray of highly concentrated oxygen molecules to regenerate collagen growth. This spray is directed via a machine onto the outer layer of the skin, the epidermis. Infused in the oxygen are essential nutrients, minerals, vitamins and plant extracts.

Benefits of an oxygen facial

Smoother, plumper, more radiant skin is the most obvious benefit of the oxygen facial. This is due to the collagen boost promoted by the treatment, as collagen is the main protein that gives skin its elasticity and strength. The disappearance of collagen over time in our skin leads to lines and wrinkles – oxygen facials therefore reduce these natural signs of ageing.

Thanks to the vitamins and minerals infused in the spray, oxygen facials are also superb at detoxifying skin. This in turn helps to regenerate skin cells and combat the results of UV exposure, air pollution and changes to our diet.

Is it suitable for people with sensitive skin?

The oxygen spray technique is one of the gentlest on your skin, causing no side effects. As such, it’s a great option for those with sensitive skin as it won’t result in swelling, burning, stinging or redness. No chemicals are used in the process.

Oxygen facials restore the skin’s natural pH levels by moisturising deeply. If you have dry or tired skin – a natural reaction to dust and sunlight – an oxygen facial can reinvigorate and protect your skin from harm.

Other benefits of the oxygen facial include healing acne by cleaning and shrinking pores, and the treatment’s very quick recovery time. You can go back to your usual skincare regime immediately after an oxygen facial. It can even rebalance uneven skin tones thanks to its vitamin and peptide content.

Shohreh Bagherian, Ivory’s skincare expert, has been described as “one of Dubai’s hidden gems” by Harper’s Bazaar Arabia. According to Good Housekeeping her treatments reveal “a clear dermal undercoat that is still radiant weeks later”. One of the most experienced skincare therapists in the region, Shohreh Bagherian guarantees fresher, younger-looking skin with immediate results.

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