Best acne treatment to prevent breakouts during the summer

Best acne treatment to prevent breakouts during the summer

Best acne treatment to prevent breakouts during the summer

Best acne treatment to prevent breakouts during the summer

When the summertime comes around, the last thing any of us wants is to have a sudden acne breakout. We want to be looking and feeling our best, and anyone prone to acne will be worrying about spots appearing as the weather warms up. Fortunately, there are some very effective treatments available to help, and Ivory Aesthetics want to tell you about the most potent combination to keep you looking fresh-faced through the summer months!

The oxygen facial

The first is the oxygen facial, which offers a ‘Clarity’ focused treatment that calms existing acne and prepares your skin to resist another breakout. The ‘Clarity’ infusion of specially blended ingredients is sprayed on to your skin, then the therapist will carefully administer a blast of oxygen all over the face with a wand that helps enhance the absorption of the serum into your skin. Finally, you get topical creams applied on top to maximise the effect.

This procedure has been shown to produce fantastic results for the ongoing battle with acne, and could help you head into the summer worry-free. For best results, however, it can be combined with another treatment for the most powerful effect possible.

LED therapy

Combine it with LED therapy – trust us! This treatment is tailor-made to blitz stubborn breakouts by exposing the acne-causing bacteria to light from red or blue LEDs, effectively killing them while doing zero harm to your skin. The light stimulates your skin’s natural healing mechanisms to combat the bacteria beneath the skin’s surface.

During treatment, our aesthetician will focus on existing blemishes and areas that are most prone to acne. The process will be an intensive assault on any Propionibacterium (that’s acne-causing bacteria) present in the skin, helping minimise the risk of an unwanted breakout in the summer.

A powerful combination

When these two treatments are used together, you put your face through a holistic treatment that targets the heart of the issue and leaves your skin feeling cleansed and refreshed! This combination is your most powerful weapon in the fight against acne, because it removes the bacteria and then equips the skin with the nutrients it needs to stop them from quickly returning.

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