A facelift in 30 mins that lasts up to 1 year

A facelift in 30 mins that lasts up to 1 year

If you’re searching for a less invasive alternative to cosmetic surgery but still want the anti-ageing effects of a facelift, the thread lift procedure at Ivory Aesthetics Clinic may be your perfect treatment. This is a purely cosmetic procedure that works to lift and enhancei the face, with the effects lasting over a year. Regarded as the best facelift treatment in Dubai, there truly is nothing like our thread lift treatment.

Different areas targeted

Within the thread lift, various areas of the face are lifted and sculpted to encourage a youthful and defined appearance. We can address concerns in the following areas:

• Jawline and jowls

• Under-eyes


When completing the procedure, a dissolvable suture thread is injected beneath the skin in your problem areas. The doctor then pulls the skin very tight to make sure the thread is securely inserted, as part of the instant face sculpting treatment. The installation of this thin thread triggers a response in your body to heal and promote a release of collagen in these target areas. Collagen is a protein our body creates that keeps our skin bouncy and youthful and the production of this typically depletes as we age.

Who will complete my treatment?

Our thread lift treatment is completed by our resident Dr. Mohammed, a master of dermatology and one of our practice specialists in non-surgical instant thread lift treatments for the face. With over 15 years of experience completing cosmetic procedures, he also carries out various filler and injectable procedures here at Ivory Aesthetic Clinic, the best clinic for face lift treatments in Dubai.

Results to expect with your thread facelift

The incredible thing about our instant face lift treatments by Ivory Aesthetics is that you can see results the same day the procedure is complete. There is a minor recovery period, however, once this has passed you can enjoy the effects of your thread facelift for 1-1.5 years.

Get the face of your dreams today by booking your thread face lift consultation with Ivory Aesthetics Clinic, the best aesthetic clinic for face lift treatments in Dubai. To find out more visit our website or talk to a friendly member of our staff.


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