5 Facts About The Non-Surgical Nose Job

5 Facts About The Non-Surgical Nose Job

Looking for a non-invasive nose job in Dubai? You’re in the right place. Our expert clinicians are skilled in administering fillers to give you the nose you’ve always dreamed of without the pain, downtime or expense of rhinoplasty surgery.

If you’re wondering what a non surgical nose job involves, read on for the facts.

1. It’s fast

A non surgical nose job takes just 30 minutes to perform. That’s quick enough that you can do it during your lunch break!

Compared to surgery, which takes several hours and involves an overnight stay in a hospital, nose fillers are done quickly.

2. It’s incredibly affordable

Fillers make for the most inexpensive nose job treatment in Dubai.

Surgical nose job procedures cost upwards of AED 25,000. Nose fillers cost less than a tenth of this. If you want a perfect profile on a budget, non surgical is the way to go.

3. Recovery is a breeze

Many people choose non-surgical nose jobs in Dubai because they simply don’t have time to recover from surgery.

Rhinoplasty requires weeks off work and months of healing. Nose fillers cause a little redness and bruising, which disappears within a week.

4. It requires expert hands

Non surgical nose jobs might be simple for clients, but they’re not easy to administer well. An expert touch is vital.

Ivory Aesthetics is the best aesthetic centre for non-surgical nose job in Dubai. Our certified  medical aestheticians have plenty of experience and will provide you with the very best, most natural results.

5. It’s completely reversible

Lots of people choose non-surgical nose jobs in Dubai because they don’t want to commit to permanent changes to their features.

Nose fillers are semi-permanent and completely reversible. If you decide the changes aren’t right for you, you can easily return to your natural look.

If you have more questions about non-surgical nose jobs, get in touch now to book a consultation with one of our experienced aestheticians.


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