3 types of Microneedling that are trending right now

3 types of Microneedling that are trending right now

Currently, there are three types of microneedling treatments that have been transforming women’s faces and confidences. These include the BB glow microneedling treatment, microneedling treatments that focus on wrinkles – particularly around the eyes, oxyneedling microneedling – ideal for uneven skintone and medical microneedling – for collagen production and skin elasticity. Find out what each involves below:

BB Glow microneedling

One of the most popular treatments trending right now is BB Glow. It’s an everyday alternative to packing on coats of foundation and is an ideal solution for uneven skin tones but not for deep pigmentation. Thanks to the nano-needling technique, this treatment infuses skin with nutrients that aim to stimulate collagen production and helps cover up acne scarring, freckles and discolouration. Amongst the biggest advantages of this treatment is the fact that it doesn’t need to clog up your skin to achieve flawless results. You get to look in the mirror 60 minutes later and see a happier, healthier reflection.

Oxyneedling microneedling

Another popular treatment that’s trending right now is Oxyneedling. This treatment is ideal for targeting uneven skin tone by opening the channels in the skin using a roller and infusing each application with oxygen. With all the benefits of microneedling and more, this 60-minute treatment lightly punctures the epidermis while also going deeper into the dermis. The addition of oxygen targets dullness and helps reduce downtime, while shading ampules help to restore an uneven complexion. This treatment also helps prevent signs of ageing such as wrinkles and scarring.

Medical microneedling

Medical microneedling has 12 microscopic needles that ascillate faster, while creating channels into the skin surface. Its more safe and effective when penetrating into the skin, which also gives more consistent results. This stimulates fibroblast cells, triggers the production of collagen & elastin giving a more rejuvenated, tighter-looking skin. This treatment is combined with tailored ingredients according to skin condition and LED that is set to skin preference. Full cleansing is done before the actual treatment is started.

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