3 Non-invasive Body Sculpting Treatments To Try Today

3 Non-invasive Body Sculpting Treatments To Try Today

If you want your body to look and feel fantastic without going to the gym, expensive and invasive surgery is not your only option. The Ivory Aesthetics Clinic is the best clinic for body contouring treatments in Dubai that are non-invasive and the safest methods for fat removal. Here are our top 3 non-invasive body sculpting treatments to try today.

1. EMSculpt NEO

Emsulpt NEO treatment helps with body contouring, fat reduction and muscle toning all in one, making it excellent value for your time and money. It combines the technology of radiofrequency and high intensity focused electromagnetic energy to target muscle groups that are difficult to activate with regular exercise while reducing stubborn fat by 30%. You will start to see results after 4 to 6 simple sessions where all you have to do is relax and let the technology work wonders.

2. Hypoxi

Hypoxi helps your body burn fat with low-impact exercise combined with a low-pressure vacuum, making this a natural and simple body slimming treatment. This is particularly effective for those looking to lose weight from the hips and legs as it targets the lower body by stimulating your blood circulation and metabolism through the gentle cycling motion you complete from a horizontal position. This is one of the most natural ways you can sculpt your body without the need for intense gym sessions.

3. Emerald Green Laser

Emerald Green Laser treatment is FDA-approved, safe and effective, and because it is a low-level treatment, you will not feel a thing but will see noticeable results. It works by encouraging the body to absorb and process cellulite, with the lasers melting the fat tissue and releasing excess fatty materials. This is ideal for getting rid of pockets of fat in a simple, non-invasive way that will guarantee quick results.

We offer all of these and more at Ivory Aesthetics Clinic, so visit our website today to book the best non-invasive body sculpting treatments in Dubai.


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