2020 skincare trends? What’s a hit and what you can skip!

2020 skincare trends? What’s a hit and what you can skip!

From a glass skin routine that will leave you with a translucent glow to stimulating the production of collagen with this year’s most talked-about antioxidant Niacinamide, 2020 skincare trends are all about Korean skincare concepts and powerful vitamins with multiple skin-boosting benefits. Read on to discover the dewiest 2020 skincare trends and what’s a hit and what you can skip.

Glass Skin

2020’s big buzz in the beauty industry is glass skin. A concept straight from Korea, the results are incredibly luminous skin with a high shine finish that reflects like glass. Unlike adding faux shimmer, glass skin focuses on religiously adopting a 10-step routine using multiple lightweight skincare products. The approach is to layer vitamins and botanicals to create a reflective finish and flawless glow. A glass skin routine involves a double cleanse and exfoliation to kick start the smooth look, followed by a vitamin loaded essence to thoroughly hydrate the skin and a sheet mask to add extra dew. The last steps are to drench skin with a water-based moisturiser followed by a sunscreen. The key to this mirror-like look is choosing products jam-packed with hyaluronic acid, vitamins and fatty acids.


Niacinamide is a derivative of vitamin B3 and although not a new ingredient for dermatologists, it has become a 2020 skincare trend found in many beauty products. This powerhouse antioxidant can help reduce acne and inflammation, promotes new tissue growth and collagen production and rejuvenates tired, dull-looking skin. This wonder vitamin is suitable for all skin types and its multitasking abilities make it a skincare favourite.

Cream Skin

Cream skin is another Korean skincare hero and is a pared-down approach to the glass skin look. It uses just one hybrid product to deliver a healthy, dewy glow. Cream skin is the result of mixing a moisturiser with a toner to get a liquid product that is silky and lightweight in texture. The formula leaves skin supple, satiny and baby soft in just one step.

Now you know the three biggest 2020 skincare trends, let us take a moment to mention what you should skip when it comes to your skincare routine. Glass skin is a complete hit! The look leaves your skin flawless without the need for too much make up but the 10-step Korean skincare routine is not the only way to get glass skin. There are several simple facial treatments that can give you the glass skin glow without the cost of 15-20 products. Niacinamide – a hit as well. Works like a charm for a variety of skin issues. And that leaves us with cream skin – can be skipped in our opinion as not everyone’s skin can handle such a minimal skincare routine.

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