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Skin Booster Treatment

Natural alternative to injectibles and fillers

If you are struggling with 

  • Dry, dull, or tired-looking skin
  • An uneven skin tone
  • Exhibit early signs of aging such as wrinkles or fine lines
  • Or just want a boost in your skin to restore its health

Skin Boosters improve skin's collagen production and help the skin to naturally self-repair.

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What are Skin Boosters?

It’s not a facial, it’s nutrition for skin cells!

All Skin Boosters contain hyaluronic acid (HLA) - the primary molecule in our skin tissue repair system. A combination of low molecular hyaluronic acid and DMAE gives extreme hydration, a glowing skin appearance, and improves skin elasticity. Tailor-made treatment cocktails are created depending on your concern.

Benefits of Skin Booster treatments are:

  • Brings out skin’s natural glow
  • Deeply hydrates and moisturizes the skin
  • Plumps the skin
  • Improves skin elasticity and firmness
  • Softens and attenuates expression lines
  • Skin Whitening
  • Reduce dark eye circles
  • Reduce skin imperfections such as acne scars
  • Boost collagen production and skin renewal
  • Reduce inflammation and minimize pores

In this treatment, depending on the skin, we inject 2-5 ml of booster deep into the skin.

Different types of treatment cocktails are used depending on your concern. 

For instance;

  • Vitamin C/B complex is used for improving skin tonality and texture
  • Meso-glow cocktail is used for glowing skin
  • Glutathione vitamin/ Glutathione vitamin cocktails are used to treat pigmentation
  • Hyaluronic acid + tightening cocktail is used for an instant boost
  • Glutathione is used to treat dark eye circles
  • Oligo-element is used to treat scars and to heal the skin fast

This treatment brings great results after 4-6 sessions, 3 weeks apart. Our specially designed formulas help to rebuild natural collagen and promote cellular nutrition uplifting effect on the face, neck, and décolletage.

Downtime usually depends on the skin. You might see a bit of redness, for which we apply a cream to calm the skin right after the treatment. It is extremely rare that anyone will get allergy reactions from this treatment, however, should this occur it will fade after 5 days.

Choose Your Skin Booster

Classic Skin Booster

A classic treatment, this skin booster treatment provides powerful nutrition for your skin cells, promoting growth and renewal through the use of Vitamin C/B and a Meso-glow cocktail designed to enhance the skin and create that radiant glow. 

This skin booster also works to combat signs of uneven skin tone and pigmentation, leaving your complexion brighter and your skin more elastic. If you're looking for something less invasive than fillers, it is an excellent place to start.

Duration of Treatment: 45 minutes

Price (including VAT): AED 1,575

Limited Time Offer: AED 945

(Exclusive of VAT)

Vitamin Skin Booster

From aging skin and sagging areas on your face to fine lines and skin tone & texture, we create a blend of custom vitamins designed to target specific areas for effective and long-lasting results. 

Our specialist team will pick a combination of vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants to produce the best results possible from the skin booster treatment process.

Duration of Treatment: 45 minutes

Price ( including VAT ):  AED 892.5

Limited Time Offer: AED 840 (Exclusive of VAT)


A revolutionary non-surgical alternative to injectables, Profhilo skin booster directly acts on the skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and help restore the natural laxity of your skin. 

If you don’t like to have fillers, Profhilo is an excellent choice of Skin Booster. It is best suited to those looking to combat the signs of aging with a relaxing, 30-minute treatment that provides incredible results.

Duration of Treatment: 45 minutes

Price ( including VAT ):  AED 2,100

Limited Time Offer: AED 1,470 (2ml)

(Exclusive of VAT)

Skin Booster Treatment Process

All of our skin boosters start with an initial consultation with one of our expert team. As specialists in skin booster treatments, we're able to figure out exactly which treatment is best suited to your specific needs and goals.

We tailor some of our treatment options, such as our vitamin skin boosters, to best suit your individual needs and the problems you're trying to address. 

Our friendly team will always go the extra mile to ensure you're paired with the best treatment to achieve the results you want.

Once your treatment is decided on, you can book your initial session with us or book a block of sessions over a specified period. 

The number of sessions required and the time between sessions will depend on the specific skin booster you're choosing, and we'll work with you to ensure we can fit in all sessions within your schedule. 

Most sessions are at most 60 minutes long, leaving you free to carry on with your day once you're finished at our clinic.

Who is thistreatment for?

Skin booster treatments combat a wide array of different problems, making them an ideal choice for anyone concerned about the elasticity of their skin, the appearance of fine lines, or even their hydration as a whole. 

Specific skin booster treatments may be more suited to a particular age group. 

For example, Profhilo skin boosters are most suited to ageing adults between the ages of 30-45. 

The results you can expect from a Skin Booster Treatment

With a range of different options, all of our skin booster treatments provide different results, depending on the specific option you are paired with or prefer. Some of the results you may see from skin booster treatments include:

Plumped, hydrated skin

Many skin boosters include vitamins and ingredients that support hydrated, plumped, and healthy skin. Our Profhilo treatment, in particular, focus on providing additional hydration to create a more youthful and glowing appearance.

Improved texture and tone

Our vitamin skin booster and skin booster treatment include vitamins that can be used to enhance the skin's surface—creating an even complexion and removing dark patches and pigmentation while removing additional roughness and texture.

Reduced pigmentation and fine lines

Dark spots and pigmentation are key reasons our clients come to us for skin booster sessions. Many of our treatments combat pigmentation while also plumping the skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines such as crow's feet.

An even, beautiful glow

The result of all of our skin booster treatments is a beautiful, clear complexion and a radiant glow. With each option packed full of nutrients for the skin, we ensure your face has all it needs to look its best, stripping away damage, saggy skin and ageing to reveal a firm, youthful final look.

Meet Dr. Oro

Aesthetic Specialist

Dr. Oro is a highly regarded specialist in the field of cosmetic and aesthetic medicine, with over 20 years of experience. His career began in the field of Medicine, where he honed his skills and expertise before specializing in the cosmetic and aesthetic realm.

With a strong emphasis on modern rejuvenation methods and injection techniques, Dr. Oro has gained a reputation for delivering exceptional results and is highly acclaimed by his clients. He has a particular focus on facelifting, having successfully completed over 5000 facelift cases in recent years. As a master trainer of APTOS THREADS LIFTING for face and body, he has become an authority in this area and is well-respected among his peers.

He is highly skilled in body fillers and body contouring, specialising in BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) and butt fillers. He has performed numerous procedures for body rejuvenation and lifting, using a combination of boosters and acupuncture techniques.

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Which skin booster treatment is right for me?

As part of your initial consultation, we'll talk with you about the various options available for skin booster treatments. From there, we'll let you know which skin booster treatment we think would be the best fit for your personal needs and goals, as well as your age and current skin condition.

How long do skin booster treatments take?

Our longest treatment is our skin booster treatment, which takes 60 minutes per treatment. Our shortest option for skin booster is the Profhilo, with a 30-minute treatment time. We'd always recommend picking a skin booster that's right for you, and we can advise on how long your appointment will take ahead of time to ensure you know how long you'll be with us.

Can I get more than one type of skin booster?

We'd recommend sticking to one specific treatment routine at a time unless one of our trained team has advised otherwise. As with any skin treatment, there's a risk of interaction between chemicals if you get a secondary treatment elsewhere soon after you've had a skin booster session with us.

Is my skin suitable for skin booster treatments?

With a range of different skin booster treatments offered, we're able to match most of our clients to the best option for their specific needs. If you have existing medical problems with your skin, it would be best to seek advice from your doctor before you book in for a session with our friendly team.

How many treatments will I need to see results?

That depends on your choice of skin booster! In some cases, you may need multiple repeat sessions over a specific length of time. In others, one session can be all that's necessary. We can advise you on the best plan for your face, or check out each page for our skin booster treatments for more details about each specific treatment plan.

Do I need to take time off for a skin booster session?

Our skin booster treatments are entirely non-invasive, so the only time you'll need off will be the time for the treatment itself. You may experience some redness, but if you're happy to go back to work with a slightly redder complexion, there's no need to take any additional time off.

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