Why You Need Professional Microneedling, Instead Of Just Buying A Dermaroller From Amazon

Why You Need Professional Microneedling, Instead Of Just Buying A Dermaroller From Amazon

Microneedling, or you may know it as Collagen Induction therapy, has become the Queen of facials across the UAE, and its results prove why!

A facial treatment that can treat the most advanced skin concerns, from scarring & dark spots to ageing and saggy skin, all in one go! So it’s no wonder it has gained so much popularity in 2017!

But this has led to one MAJOR problem!

Cheap dermarollers that are easily available in the market, and tonnes of bloggers bragging about how easy they are to use!

Should This Be Done At Home?

Do remember, that Microneedling is essentially a treatment that creates nano-holes into your skin to force collagen production and increase absorption of advanced products used during the treatment. Using a Dermaroller on your skin will not only give you unsatisfactory results, but things can go very wrong, very quickly.

Simple mistakes such as buying the wrong needle size, applying too much pressure, not sterilising your rollers properly, can lead to a complete mess of a DIY facial.People have reported having bigger pores and whiteheads after just one use of the home kits!

Buying inferior rollers does mean you will get inferior results, light exfoliation and some microdermabrasion at best.

Why Going To A Professional Is Your Best Choice

Investing in professional microneedling is your safest and most effective option. Here’s why:

  • Professional Microneedling uses the highest quality needles & devices that go deeper into your skin and push advanced treatment products to heal your skin from within.
  • Professional Microneedling leaves no room for scarring or infection as all the tools are properly sterilised for every client.
  • Professionals are trained to know exactly what is best for your skin concern, they will customize the Microneedling to treat your specific skin concerns.
  • A professional aesthetician will use advanced Hyaluronic peels, inducable vitamins & collagen in your treatment so you can get skin clarity and that dewy glow.

Price range – AED 1000 onwards per session

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