#VacationMode Lashes? Our LVL Lash Treatment is Your Perfect Holiday Accessory

#VacationMode Lashes? Our LVL Lash Treatment is Your Perfect Holiday Accessory

All those summer dresses, cute swimsuits and adorable sandals might be a must when it comes to your next holiday, but when it comes to choosing what cosmetics to bring, there’s often very little space in your suitcase to pack a full face – and besides, you could use that extra room anyway.

One fantastic way to free up some space in your cosmetics bag is to ditch the mascara and false lashes and opt for the ultimate #VacationMode lashes with LVL Lash Treatment.

LVL, which stands for length, volume and lift, can give you natural-looking, gorgeous lashes – without the need of falsies or eyelash extensions.

Here are just a few reasons why LVL lashes are a must for your next summer holiday:

Fuss-free natural beauty

If you’re a fan of letting your face be free for your holiday photos, or you’re just the type who enjoys relaxing and unwinding, LVL Lash Treatment allows you to feel like you’re dressed up without the need to delve into your makeup bag.

As an alternative to standard eyelash extensions, the LVL treatment lifts and lengthens your natural lashes, saving you from the loss of lashes while your vacation is going on.

Save space in your suitcase

Delicate items like false lashes can be difficult to transport, and can take up valuable space in your luggae.

Though eyelash extensions might be a tempting alternative for space-saving schemes, a combination of heat, sand and surf can prove disastrous for these additions – something you don’t have to worry about with LVL lash treatments.

A long-lasting choice

Probably the top reason we recommend LVL Lashes over anything else – they’re long lasting! Not only do they give you beautiful lashes that can outlast just about any weather condition, they also lasts for 8-12 weeks.

Your lashes look perfect at the end of every single day – they don’t run or smudge from a full day in the sun like mascara can, and neither do they fall or need frequent refills like eyelash extensions.

Lashes can make all the difference in your appearance, and make you look awake and naturally beautiful without having to worry about wearing a full face of makeup… allowing you to worry about the other things – like where best to catch some rays. J

If you’re looking for the perfect lashes for your next holiday, an LVL lash treatment might be your best #VacationMode purchase.

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